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Desk Booking Software | deskbird Answers Your Questions

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November 22, 2021

Our work environment has been changing over the last few years. Not only because of Covid-19 but also as a result of our new concept of work and how it's been evolving. Hybrid work models offer the flexibility employees need for a better work-life balance, leading to better outcomes for the company. However, having a hybrid workforce requires great organisation and management skills. This is why deskbird created a tailored-made desk booking software to answer each company’s needs. What is a workspace management app? Will it work for my office? Which specific features should I look at? As a hybrid company ourselves, we will answer all of your questions in this article. 

What is desk booking software?

In a hybrid work environment, each employee schedule is different. Some may come on-site three times a week while others only once. This depends on your company policy and on the position, as some require more in-person work than others. The goal of desk booking software is to ensure everybody has an assigned desk when in the office. How? By giving them the opportunity to schedule their time on-site and book a specific desk via a shared desk reservation system. Within a few clicks, they can schedule their week and book an assigned desk or meeting room for a specific amount of time according to their needs. When making a desk reservation, employees can view a map of their office. Thanks to deskbird's interactive floor plan, those booking at the last minute can easily see where the free remaining desks are and where their team is currently located.

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Why should  I use a desk booking system?

A desk booking system makes everyone’s life easier. It provides an easy solution for employees. They don’t have to worry about not having a desk matching their schedule and needs. Imagine that you have a lot of work to focus on and when arriving at the office, the only workstation left is in the loud open space area. This is not really good for productivity and can be quite an anxiety trigger, right? Desk booking can also encourage collaboration as employees can reserve a meeting room to bring their ideas and share their skills as a team. Moreover, from an employer point of view, it delivers a workplace management solution that covers various important topics. For example, you can analyse how the office space is used and how to make the most of it. If you notice a higher demand for collaborative office spaces than for single desk stations, you might consider offering more collaboration areas.

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Woman doing hybrid work from mobile phone.

Can I add desk booking to an existing schedule software?

The answer is yes! Our deskbird hot desking software is indeed a feature that can be added to your existing scheduling software like MS Teams or Slack, for instance. This makes it even easier for your teams to adopt this new tool and make the most of it since everything is synchronised. They can schedule their week into their existing calendar or HR system. Team collaboration and management also become easier as they can see when their colleagues are coming on-site and decide the best place to meet.

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Team brainstorming ideas.

Can I book other assets in the office?

When coming to the office, it is great for your employees to be able to book a specific desk according to their needs. However, what happens if they are not able to park their car? Or if they can’t eat at the office cafeteria because no table is available and they have to postpone lunch or eat at their desk? These are not the best work conditions and can cause some stress or frustration. A desk booking software can help you resolve this issue. It is important to have a  tool that not only assists you in managing a hybrid workplace but also supports your employees in various ways, such as booking a parking slot or a lunch table. 

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Modern remote work set up.

Will a workspace management app work for my office?

A workspace management app helps any business with office-based positionsFor example, hybrid work models are spreading in the corporate world and are seen as a core strength of a Positive Company Culture. However, this kind of work model can be tricky to implement if not done properly. A hot-desk reservation app can be tailored to your needs and provides you with a support tool that is easy to use, no matter the size of your corporation, your industry or where you are located. It helps manage the workplace but also understand what workers need and where to improve to enhance their productivity and well-being while on-site.

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Team collaborating in-person.

How important are employee health features?

Health comes first - as we have learned with the pandemic. Making sure to keep a safe and healthy workplace is key. You need to ensure that your employees are healthy and also comply with your country's occupational health and safety policy. For example, it may be that only vaccinated workers or with proof of a negative PCR test are allowed at the office. To respect those rules, a Covid-19 screening tool can be integrated into the software. Social distancing, disinfection and capacity limits are other safety aspects that you need to take into account. For these reasons, health monitoring features in desk booking software are really important because they can provide support for navigating work during the pandemic.

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Woman working remotely from laptop.

Why is deskbird the best desk booking software?

our desk booking software provides an intuitive user experience. We, at deskbird, focus on the user needs to make their work environment better. Our main goal is to provide an easy tool that is enjoyable and improves your workplace management. For this reason, we created a user-friendly app, which can be integrated into most of the existing scheduling software such as MS Teams, Outlook, Office 365, Google Meet, Slack, SAP, etc. Our interactive floor plan feature provides the opportunity to find team members quickly and to encourage cooperation between employees. As Covid-19 is still an omnipresent topic, we created the health screening feature which helps maintain a healthy work environment and allows safe, on-site collaboration. 

Each company is different and therefore, has different needs. To fulfill each specific requirement, the deskbird hot desking software is based on a plug-and-play workplace management concept. We listen to your needs and create software that provides you with the best tool for your hybrid workplace. 

Choosing the right desk booking software is very important and requires some research to find the tool that will fit your company’s needs. Different aspects have to be taken into consideration, including health features, integrations, and most importantly, employees’ demands. The deskbird workspace management app is easy, people-centric and adapts to each hybrid business requirement.

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Desk Booking Software | deskbird Answers Your Questions