Bring your teams back to the office

deskbird is the award-winning hybrid workplace solution that turns your office into a lively workplace where people connect, collaborate and thrive.

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5’000+ workplaces run on deskbird

Turn your office space into an attractive workplace

Take out all the ambiguity and give people the information they need to plan their office visits effectively.

Set up effective hybrid policies

Three office days per week? 50% office attendance? Implement hybrid office policies tailored to your needs, and measure their success, across teams and departments.

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All the essentials to get your teams back to the office

Hybrid planning

With deskbird, office planning has never been easier. Your teams can easily schedule their hybrid work week and check who will be in the office.

Follow colleagues

Did you know? People are 30% more likely to come to the office if their colleagues are present too. Let your employees follow their favorite colleagues or teams, and stay up-to-date on their work schedule.

Office events

Create an exciting and welcoming office that people love visiting. Encourage collaboration and teamwork by allowing employees to post and subscribe to office events.

Hybrid office policies

Set up mandatory office attendance goals for your teams and effectively manage compliance with hybrid work policies, ensuring a balanced approach to both in-office and remote work.

Workplace surveys

Send employee surveys to gather and analyze critical insights into office use patterns, reasons for attendance or absence, and ideas for improving the workplace environment.

Mobile app

Loved and used by your employees from day one! deskbird is available on iOS and Android mobile apps (as well as on the web app and MS Teams).


Encourage employees and teams to come to the office with our smart notifications about their colleagues' presence and upcoming events, creating a more connected workplace experience.

Case Study

“deskbird was the number 1 answer when we asked employees what they liked about coming back to the office!”

Fully integrated into existing systems

deskbird is fully integrated into MS Teams and Slack, and syncs with Outlook, Google calendar, Personio, and many other HR softwares.

Upcoming features

AI-based recommendations

Your teams will get AI-generated suggestions on when to come into the office based on their scheduling behavior, when others come in, and upcoming events.

AI-powered insights

Get the most accurate suggestions to improve your workplace with AI-powered insights that translate feedback, e.g., excessive noise, into practical solutions, e.g., setting up more phone booths.

Coffee matches

Your teams will get matched automatically with other people in the office to foster social connections and facilitate cooperation.

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