Bring back engagement

deskbird is an AI-powered workplace solution that helps companies to keep employees engaged and productive - in the new era of hybrid work.

5'000+ hybrid workplaces across 30+ countries trust deskbird

Every disengaged employee is costing companies €80’000 a year. And studies show that hybrid work puts pressure on employee engagement.

Smartly incentivize office attendance

Should I go to the office next week? Our workplace app gives employees relevant context and nudges, significantly increasing office attendance and in-person collaboration.

Benchmark and improve your hybrid workplace

Gain deep insights into workplace performance and employee engagement with our AI-driven analytics, leveraging anonymized data from thousands of hybrid companies.

“deskbird has become an indispensable tool for hybrid work for us - both for employees and our management.”

Michael Elsing, Head of Internal IT DACH

Core features to boost engagement

Hybrid planning

Create full transparency for your employees on who is in the office on which days: from team members, over supervisors, to followed office buddies.

Smart suggestions

Our solution helps you to optimize employee engagement and office attendance, based on smart AI-powered nudges to your employees.

Remote work guidelines

Set up smart remote work guidelines and workflows to increase office attendance while maintaining high flexibility.

Surveys & insights

Send employees simple surveys to gather feedback on workplace satisfaction, reasons for attendance, and more - and get AI-powered recommendations.

Workplace events

It’s all about the experiences. Empower your organization to easily create and promote events: from small get-togethers to company-wide announcements.

Random intros

Introduce automated, AI-powered connections based on demographics and your organisational structure to ensure the right people meet in person. Our calendar integration even picks the best day and time.

Fully integrated for easy installation and instant user adoption

Our plug-and-play solution can be installed in minutes and adopted by employees in seconds - thanks to our integrations into your existing HR system, and the entire M365 suite, as well as Google Workspace.

100% GDPR compliant

ISO:27001 certified

Award-winning apps based on 200+ reviews

Pricing options

Our strong focus on hybrid employee engagement allows us
to measurably deliver >40x ROI to our customers.


All you need to ensure efficient work location coordination for your hybrid teams.




Smartly optimize in-office attendance andemployee engagement.




Ensure scalability, data protection & enterprise-grade support.

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