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Desk Booking

Desk Booking in just 2 clicks

Click, click, job done! That’s all it takes to book a desk or other resources like docking stations, phone booths or even parking spots. And your employees can do it via the mobile app, web, MS Teams or Slack.

Room Booking

Easy and in-sync Room Booking

Thanks to our hassle-free synchronization with Outlook and Google Calendar, booking meeting rooms has never been easier and employees can quickly find the right room.

Week Planning

Boost office attendance in 1 click

Who's in the office? Is there a special event? deskbird provides real-time office attendance and event updates on MS Teams, Slack, or Google Calendar, allowing employees to align their schedules easily.

5’000+ workplaces run on deskbird

Fully compatible with existing systems

deskbird fully integrates with MS Teams and Slack and syncs with Outlook, Google Calendar, Personio, and other HR software.


Powerful admin centre

Our Admin Portal lets you manage every aspect of your hybrid workplace: office capacity, seating, zones, check-in, access, and more. Also, you can import meeting rooms from your calendar, analyze usage for optimal setup, and facilitate collaboration by quickly aligning team schedules.


Analyze, learn, grow

Get detailed insights into office utilization and attendance to create the best workplace experience for your employees. Make deskbird your central hub and collect crucial real estate data to help you make informed decisions. No more guessing!

ISO 27001 Certificate badge

100% GDPR compliant and ISO:27001 certified

Made in Switzerland, hosted in Germany. Our cloud infrastructure is fully certified with industry standards, such as ISO27001 and SOC2. From ground up, we've built deskbird with European GDPR in mind. Your data is processed and hosted exclusively in the EU, according to your privacy preferences.

Make hybrid work for your needs

Bring people back to the office

Learn how deskbird helps redefine office spaces, revitalizing the workplace and fostering teamwork.

Supercharge employee engagement

Discover how deskbird's user-friendly interface and core features elevate employee engagement.

Downsize your office with confidence

See how deskbird optimizes space usage, enabling businesses to downsize without compromising productivity.

Optimize costs & consumption

Discover how deskbird reduces operational costs and resource consumption.

Simplify office management

Learn how to ensure efficient office management for employees and administrators with deskbird.


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What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace is a working model that allows for a "work from anywhere" policy. Typically, employees work from home or the office, but they also have the option to work from a "third workplace".

What is desk booking?

Desk booking helps employees reserve a designated desk or meeting room in a hybrid work setup. They can easily plan their week through a shared reservation system and secure a specific desk.

Why should I use a desk booking software?

Using a desk booking software can significantly simplify everyone's work life. With this system, employees no longer need to stress about finding a desk matching their schedule and preferences, and they can focus on their work without worrying about arriving at the office only to find the only available workstation in a noisy, open space.

What is desk sharing?

Desk sharing refers to the practice of sharing desks in the workplace. It does not necessarily mean that two people simultaneously sit at the same desk. Instead, two employees use the same desk at different times throughout the day or week. This is a common practice in hybrid work environments where only some employees visit the office daily. Instead of assigning a desk to each person, which would leave it empty when they are not present, desk-sharing ensures maximum utilization of available office space by keeping the desk occupied.

What is the correct desk sharing ratio?

A desk-sharing ratio indicates the number of individuals who use one desk. For instance, if two people use the same desk at different times during the week, the ratio would be 2:1. In traditional office settings where employees report to work daily, the balance is usually 1:1. However, with the changing nature of work, such ratios are likely to shift as remote and flexible work models become more widely accepted. To determine the appropriate desk-sharing ratio, business leaders should consider the size of their team, team members' roles, the frequency of their presence in the office, and projected team growth. Additionally, leaders must determine the minimum number of desks that can be made available at any given time without impeding collaboration and employee attendance.

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