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Did you know? 85% of employees would be motivated to go into the office if they could socialize with co-workers. We are the one solution that lets people choose the right day to come in while making employees and workplace managers happy.

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Make every office trip count

No more commute regrets, by allowing people to schedule their week and see when their colleagues are in the office.

Have people engage on team days

Managers can organize team days easily with a few clicks and observe the success of their hybrid policies.

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Our popular features

Office events

Encourage your employees to join in on the fun at the office by enticing them with exciting incentives such as after-work social events and special canteen deals. Keep them engaged and connected with their colleagues by ensuring they don't miss out on great events.

Social office feed

Create a dynamic, engaging workplace where employees feel more connected! Give them visibility, from knowing which colleagues are in the office to the latest events.

Interactive floorplans

Use the interactive floor plan to get a bird's-eye view of all the available seating options and who’s sitting where.

Schedule notifications

Get notified of relevant updates (like a new team schedule or a change in office bookings) based on your and your team's actions and external occurrences.

Follow colleagues

Looking forward to catching up with your favorite colleague over coffee on Monday? Need to collaborate with your whole team for a project? No worries! Simply follow your colleague or team to stay up-to-date on their work schedule.

Hybrid office policies

Create personalized office guidelines and oversee employee compliance.

Surveys with AI summaries

Send employee surveys that can be analyzed using AI to gather critical insights.

Dynamic office space adjustments

Enhance your workplace experience and avoid empty office areas with our dynamic space adjustments. Close certain areas to avoid employees feeling lonely.

Case Study

“deskbird was the number 1 answer when we asked employees what they liked about coming back to the office!”

Upcoming features

Smart notifications

Get notified when your (favorite) teammates plan an office day!


Get AI-generated recommendations when to come in to the office based on personal & external factors such as booking behaviour, when others come in, events etc.

Office attendance goals

Improve employee attendance by setting attendance targets and identifying the factors motivating employees to return to the office.

Coffee matches

Get matched automatically with other people in the office to foster social connections.

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