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Finally, a maximum intuitive desk booking app that employees will love, from day one!

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Desk booking that connects people

Who else is coming in today? Where are your colleagues sitting? Turn your hybrid workplace into a hub for people to connect, engage, and collaborate.

Desk Booking features

Social office feed

Who's in today? Am I missing out at the office? Bring your employees back to a vibrant workplace by giving them the visibility they need: from colleagues in the office to the latest office events.

Interactive floorplans

Use the interactive floor plan to get a bird's-eye view of all the available seating options and who’s sitting where.

One-click booking

Make desk booking even easier by assigning access to desks and more workplace resources. On top, favorite desks can be booked in one click.

Access restrictions

Easily restrict access for certain resources or enable priority access to ensure you satisfy everyone’s workplace needs.

Team booking

Do you need to book a desk for your colleague or your entire team? Select a space, add their names to the floor plan, and confirm the booking. Job done!


Make the office experience seamless with our check-in options! With the convenience of QR codes or a simple link, you can ensure your team will have a smooth start of the work day. No more wasting spaces and no-shows!

QR code booking

Add QR codes to your resources to simplify the booking process even more. A perfect tool for those colleagues who tend to switch up their schedules and make last-minute trips to the office.

Visitor booking

Provide external guests with dedicated desks and parking spots, helping them feel comfortable at your office while giving you and your employees a clearer picture of when and who will be there.

Parking spots

Make it easy for employees to reserve a desk or parking space before arriving at the office and avoid any last-minute trouble. All it takes is just 2 clicks!

Fully compatible with existing systems

deskbird fully integrates with MS Teams and Slack and syncs with Outlook, Google Calendar, Personio, and other HR softwares.

More Desk Booking features you'll love

Find colleagues

See which colleagues are in the office and where they are sitting.

More than desks

Users can also choose charging stations, phone booths, and even designated spaces for office pets.

Desk type & filtering

Search for desks with the equipment you need to be productive.

Book multiple days

Booking for multiple days in advance has never been easier.

Intuitive app

Our highly-intuitive app is available on Android and iOS.

Anonymous bookings

You can choose to book without showing your name.

Book nearby

Visit your favorite colleague's profile and book any nearby desk in just 2 clicks. Great for collaboration!

Lead booking time

Define how far in advance employees can book specific resources.

Booking limits

Define number of bookings per day and resource.

ISO 27001 Certificate badge

100% GDPR compliant and ISO:27001 certified

Made in Switzerland, hosted in Germany. Our cloud infrastructure is fully certified with industry standards, such as ISO27001 and SOC2. From ground up, we've built deskbird with European GDPR in mind. Your data is processed and hosted exclusively in the EU, according to your privacy preferences.

Make hybrid work for your needs

Bring people back to the office

Learn how deskbird helps redefine office spaces, revitalizing the workplace and fostering teamwork.

Supercharge employee engagement

Discover how deskbird's user-friendly interface and core features elevate employee engagement.

Downsize your office with confidence

See how deskbird optimizes space usage, enabling businesses to downsize without compromising productivity.

Optimize costs & consumption

Discover how deskbird reduces operational costs and resource consumption.

Simplify office management

Learn how to ensure efficient office management for employees and administrators with deskbird.

Coming soon

Smart scheduling

Using advanced data analysis, you will be promptly notified of the most effective days to work from the office or home. For easy and efficient week planning.

Suggested spaces

Our AI algorithm recommends the ideal desk for your workday by considering your past bookings, the colleagues you follow, and other relevant factors.

Automated check-ins

Automatic check-in based on Wi-Fi, GPS location or access card data. Quick and easy!

Valuable insights for a smarter workplace

Don’t let your gut feeling drive your critical real estate decisions. Understand office utilization and attendance at a granular level. Make deskbird your control center for a workplace experience your employees will love.

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