Seamless integrations with MS Teams, Slack, and more

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Active directory data

deskbird synchronizes with your active directory data for effortless user onboarding, better collaboration and easy group management.

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Communication platforms

See your colleagues' office status, get relevant notifications and book workspaces directly in MS Teams and Slack*.

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Calendars & HR systems

deskbird integrates with your HR and calendar systems to sync resource availability and planned at-home or office days.

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Easy access anywhere

Accessible anytime: install deskbird from any app store and sign in seamlessly using single sign-on (SSO).

Integrated into MS Teams

Easily integrate deskbird into your MS Teams workspace and no more jumping between apps!

Available on multiple operating systems

Whether on a desktop, mobile device, MS Teams, or Slack app - deskbird works on all platforms.

Make hybrid actually work across all your platforms and devices
deskbird is coming soon to Slack

Coming soon to Slack!

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