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Workforce analytics

Every day, see where everyone works. Review your remote employee distribution, office attendance, and absences. No overbooking — no more wasting spaces!

Office analytics

Be on top of your office space usage, get a feel for your booked resources, and discover how your workspace is used. You'll always know who's coming in and which resource is available.

Real-life data

Fast and efficient access to all the data you require. Customizable reports (down to team level), easy to create and export. For any of your office needs, at any time.

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Key features at a glance

Why office insights are so critical

Analyze your office performance with deskbird

office analysis

Know your real space needs and save on costs: see whether your unused area can be repurposed, redesigned, or improved for utility usage.

Manage the team effectively with deskbird

Effective team

Keep track of office attendance, team distribution, and health and safety policies without using calendars or external messaging services.

Make the office space working smart with deskbird

A smart
hybrid office

Get the most out of your workforce: schedule remote days and allocate dedicated areas to maximize levels of productivity. Keep your office up-to-date with real-time data on office and equipment usage.

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