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Take out the hassle and get, in return, a next-level booking experience. Fully integrated with Outlook and GCal.

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Booking meeting rooms is a breeze now. Find and reserve the perfect room with just one click. Our system syncs seamlessly with your Outlook and GCal calendars.

Room Booking features

Advanced room discovery

Search for the best available room based on your needs, such as maximum capacity, equipment, and more.

Interactive floorplans

Get a bird's-eye view of all the available room options and easily locate them thanks to our interactive floor plans.

QR code booking

Simplify the room booking process by adding QR codes to your resources. This tool is handy for colleagues who frequently change their schedules and make last-minute office visits.


You have the option to quickly and easily check in to your booked room using MS Teams or Slack. If you don't check in, the resource will become available again.

Priority spaces

Allow one or more individuals to have priority access to meeting rooms. Other users can book in this area if the user with prior access has made a reservation at the same time the day before they booked.

Robust calendar sync

Set up the synchronization of room bookings with Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar and avoid overbooking. Our strong bi-directional sync creates a seamless booking experience for users.

Easy room management

Meeting organizers can easily invite attendees and add meeting links for those working remotely, submit catering requests, and book on behalf of others, all in one place.

Fully compatible with existing systems

deskbird is fully integrated into MS Teams and Slack, and syncs with Outlook, Google calendar, Personio, and many other HR softwares.

More Room Booking features you'll love

Private meetings

Confidential meetings can be kept private with ease.

Recurring meetings

It offers the convenience of scheduling regular meeting with just a few clicks.

Meeting links

Remote workers can access the meeting link created directly from the bookings.

Invite users

The meeting organizer can invite participants within and outside the company.

Servicing of rooms

You can include additional services like catering in your booking.

Easy app

Available for Android and iOS users.

ISO 27001 Certificate badge

100% GDPR compliant and ISO:27001 certified

Made in Switzerland, hosted in Germany. Our cloud infrastructure is fully certified with industry standards, such as ISO27001 and SOC2. From ground up, we've built deskbird with European GDPR in mind. Your data is processed and hosted exclusively in the EU, according to your privacy preferences.

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Bring people back to the office

Learn how deskbird helps redefine office spaces, revitalizing the workplace and fostering teamwork.

Supercharge employee engagement

Discover how deskbird's user-friendly interface and core features elevate employee engagement.

Downsize your office with confidence

See how deskbird optimizes space usage, enabling businesses to downsize without compromising productivity.

Optimize costs & consumption

Discover how deskbird reduces operational costs and resource consumption.

Simplify office management

Learn how to ensure efficient office management for employees and administrators with deskbird.

Coming soon

Meeting room

Get AI-tailored meeting room suggestions based on the number of people attending.

Kiosk mode

Set up meeting room displays that allow you to change bookings or create new ones without planning.

Outlook & GCal add-ons

With the help of these handy add-ons for Outlook and Google Calendar, finding and booking the perfect meeting space for your events is now a breeze.

Powerful insights for a better workplace

Don’t let your gut feeling drive important real estate decisions. Understand office utilization and attendance at a granular level. Make deskbird your control center to create a workplace experience your employees will love.


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