Tired of high ancillary costs? Get the key to a sustainable office

Effectively reduce waste and energy in your office and pay only for the necessary AC, heating, and cleaning services. This minimizes your company's environmental impact while keeping costs under control.

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Learn how to reduce energy consumption today

deskbird provides scheduling and booking data for the past, present, and future. deskbird Dynamic Spaces helps limiting areas for booking, reducing the overall energy consumption. This functionality optimizes energy, heating, and other present costs while tracking them for ESG reporting.

Smarter cleaning with your booking data

By using deskbird, you can implement demand-based cleaning, ensuring that cleaning tours go only to areas that are being used. As a result, it offers a more effective solution than modern sensors alone. Additionally, you can plan effectively for catering, close specific areas as needed, and select the correct size office.

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Our popular features for a cost-efficient office

Dynamic office space adjustments

Allow for dynamic adjustments to office space, such as closing specific floors on days with low occupancy.

Resource utilization

Easily gain insights into any particular desk or room usage over a given period. With this data, you can improve efficiency and make informed decisions, for example on whether or not to deploy cleaning personnel to that area.


Make the office experience seamless with our check-in options! With the convenience of QR codes or a simple link, you can ensure no more wasted spaces and no-shows!

Advanced room discovery

deskbird helps your team find the meeting room they need based on size, equipment, or other specifications.

Catering & services

With ready-to-export data, you can get accurate expense tracking and efficient meeting room service management. Analyze how the services are being utilized and adjust the budgets accordingly.

Company insight

An international insurance company closes 4 out of 5 locations on Fridays, saving 90,000€ per month.

Automate saving costs with our upcoming features

Office occupancy predictions

Get valuable predictions about the future occupancy of your office space and take action.

Office layout recommendations

Get AI-based recommendations on the best office layout structure.

IoT integrations

Boosting your data capabilities through our integration with existing IoT technology.

Automated check-ins

Automatic check-in based on Wi-Fi, GPS location or access card data. Quick and easy!

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Get all your questions answered about cost optimization strategies

How does it improve sustainability?

deskbird helps create a more sustainable work culture by offering insights into the actual usage of office space. This data enables companies to optimize their space utilization through Dynamic Spaces, significantly saving energy and cleaning services. By doing so, organizations can reduce their environmental footprint by minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. This detailed analysis and strategic planning level can improve businesses' sustainability while lowering operational costs.

How can I reduce ancillary costs with deskbird?

deskbird offers various strategies to cut down on ancillary costs. For example, using Dynamic Spaces helps adjust the office layout based on real-time needs, reducing the need for unused space. With the data gathered from user activity, you can modify your cleaning schedules and focus only on the areas that have been used, thus reducing unnecessary expenses. Moreover, you can save on energy consumption and heating costs by optimizing the use of lighting, heating, and cooling systems based on the usage of the space. Similarly, you can avoid food waste in the office canteen by simply managing supplies more effectively and preventing over-ordering and waste.

What are ancillary costs that can be reduced with deskbird?

deskbird offers a comprehensive solution to reduce ancillary costs in your office. Here's how:

  • Energy consumption. You can minimize the use of electricity and heating in underutilized areas, which will help you save money on your electricity bills.
  • Waste reduction. You can implement strategies to lower waste, including food waste in office canteens. This will help reduce your waste management costs and contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Encouraging carpooling and public transport. You can reduce travel-related expenses and environmental impact by encouraging your employees to carpool or use public transport.
  • Office repairs and maintenance. Efficient space usage can minimize wear and tear, reducing repair costs. You can save money on repairs and maintenance by making the most of your office space.
  • On-demand cleaning. Your staff can focus only on areas that have been used, saving on unnecessary costs.

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