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Hybrid work boosts employee engagement, which is essential for a thriving workplace. But only if it’s done right. Our studies show that motivation, satisfaction, sense of belonging, and retention metrics rise when adopting a well-coordinated flexible work model.

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Enhance collaboration and problem-solving

Hybrid meetings can be challenging for all parties involved. Give priority to in-person meetings with deskbird for more complex or iterative tasks, and see how your team's productivity improves significantly.

Make people fall in love with the office...again

We spend 1/3 of our lives working. It's essential that we do it in a place where we like spending time. At work, we build social capital & loyalty that will boost your retention rate. deskbird enhances the feeling of belonging and commitment through shared moments in the office.

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Our popular features to boost teamwork

Social office feed

Who's in today? Am I missing out at the office? Bring your employees back to a vibrant workplace by giving them the visibility they need: from colleagues in the office to the latest office events.

Interactive floorplans

Use the interactive floor plan to get a bird's-eye view of all the available seating options and who’s sitting where.

Team planning & booking

Do you need to book a desk for your colleague? Add their names to the floor plan, position them on your preferred desks, and the job is done! What if you have to plan your team's week? Organize co-workers into teams for coordinated weekly schedules so everyone comes in on the same days.

Office events

Encourage your employees to join in on the fun at the office by enticing them with exciting incentives such as after-work social events and special canteen deals. Keep them engaged and connected with their colleagues by ensuring they don't miss out on great events.

Colleagues view

Provide your team with a comprehensive view of their colleagues' schedules, desk bookings, and event participation to enhance collaboration.

Follow colleagues

Looking forward to catching up with your favorite colleague over coffee on Monday? Need to collaborate with your whole team for a project? No worries! Simply follow your colleague or team to stay up-to-date on their work schedule.

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“With deskbird we establish a cooperative structure and promote team spirit as well as company identification.”

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Your guide to thriving in a hybrid workplace

Why is employee engagement important?

Engaged employees are the cornerstone of a thriving business. They're more productive and committed and create a positive, high-performance environment. This reduces turnover and drives exceptional customer service and business growth. However, fostering employee engagement is not a one-time effort, but a continuous process that requires understanding and adapting to the evolving needs of the workforce. It’s about creating an environment where employees feel valued, heard, and connected to their work and the organization. By focusing on these aspects, increasing flexibility, and using the right technologies, companies can enhance their productivity and success and build a more resilient and satisfied workforce.

Why is productivity increased in a hybrid work model?

The hybrid work model is a game-changer that can supercharge productivity and unleash the full potential of knowledge workers. With this model, complex, creative, and high-iteration tasks can be handled more efficiently by catering to the diverse needs of employees. The flexible work environment empowers employees to choose the perfect space to suit their functions, whether a collaborative brainstorming session in the office or focused individual work from home. By adopting the hybrid work model, your team can achieve greater success and take your business to new heights.

How can you improve communication and collaboration among remote and in-office employees?

In a hybrid workforce, communication and collaboration are enhanced by the right strategies and tools to implement them. To do so, here at deskbird, we have created a comprehensive suite that will boost collaboration without sacrificing communication. For example, you can book and organize office events to get your teams together. You can set team reminders and specific days for in-person collaboration for particular projects or tasks or use our interactive floor plans for better engagement. You can also set up regular surveys to gather feedback and adapt strategies for improved communication. These (and many more) are the instruments that will support you in your hybrid work journey.

How can you help employees stay motivated and productive?

Maintaining employee motivation and productivity, particularly in a flexible work setting, demands precise goal setting, frequent feedback, acknowledging achievements, and offering opportunities for career advancement. Providing adequate tools and resources, promoting a balanced work-life, and ensuring employees feel valued and integral to the organizational objectives are essential for sustaining motivation and productivity.

How can you maintain a sense of community and connection among employees who are working remotely?

Fostering a sense of community and connection among remote employees is easily achievable with the right approach. We can create many opportunities for social interaction and team bonding by organizing virtual team-building activities, regular team meetings and events, and informal virtual gatherings. Encouraging open communication, celebrating milestones and achievements, and fostering an inclusive culture where every employee feels valued and heard is essential. Doing so is crucial for building a strong and connected community, regardless of physical location.

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