From chaos to clarity: simplify hybrid office management

Who's in the office today? How many desks are in use? Need more meeting spaces? These used to be tough questions answered with Excel and on-the-ground clipboard checks. Now, with deskbird, office managers get all these answers easily, in one quick glance.

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Make the most out of your workplace

Find everything you need

Our system makes it simple to locate and reserve various resources, such as desks and rooms, ensuring a hassle-free booking experience.

Desks & rooms for all

Your workforce is growing, but you don't have enough desks? Do you see half of your desks empty most of the time? We have the solution: desk sharing.

MS Teams app - happy IT

Maximize your productivity with a comprehensive IT solution native in MS Teams, effortlessly integrating into your workflow. deskbird replaces complex spreadsheets, reducing wasted time. Streamline your processes with our efficient solution, designed for ease of use and efficiency.

Keep your data safe

Introduce a GDPR-compliant tool for documenting office occupants during emergencies, such as fire drills.

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How our features reinvent workplace efficiency

One click bookings

Users can select their favourite desk(s) and book them in one click.

Hybrid office policies

Create personalized office guidelines and oversee employee compliance.

Resource utilization

Check the current and planned resource utilization to enhance efficiency.


Make the office experience seamless with our check-in options! With the convenience of QR codes or a simple link, you can ensure no more wasted spaces and no-shows!

Case Study

20 seconds a day to book a desk - how IU simplifies office life with deskbird.

Fully integrated into existing systems

deskbird is fully integrated into MS Teams and Slack, and syncs with Outlook, Google calendar, Personio, and many other HR softwares.

Keep improving with our upcoming features

User tags

Add tags to users, such as ‘Fire Safety Assistant’ or ‘First Aid responder’.

Surveys with AI summaries

Send employee surveys that can be analyzed using AI to gather critical insights.

Automated check-ins

Automatic check-in based on Wi-Fi, GPS location or access card data. Quick and easy!

Meeting room

Your team will get AI-tailored meeting room suggestions based on the number of people attending.

Kiosk mode

With a few clicks, your team can change meeting room bookings or add new reservations on the spot, facilitating spontaneous meeting needs without prior planning.

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When do I need a hybrid office management tool?

Consider a tool like deskbird when you have more than 20 people working in a hybrid environment. Such a tool becomes essential to maintain employee productivity and satisfaction, which are critical for any successful business.

How can I automate administrative tasks with deskbird?

deskbird is the ultimate solution for automating administrative tasks with ease and confidence. You can export analytics data, book desks for multiple days at once, get a comprehensive overview of who is in the office, integrate with Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), and enable one-click desk booking. These powerful features streamline administrative processes and make them more efficient.

What are the benefits of deskbird versus spreadsheets?

Compared to spreadsheets, deskbird offers several advantages:

  • It's simpler and more intuitive to use for higher adoption.
  • There's a lower risk of errors and less potential for chaos.
  • It allows for access restrictions, enhancing security.
  • You have access to in-depth Analytics of your office space usage.
  • It offers a clearer data-visualization experience.
  • It seamlessly integrates with your existing environment.
  • It fosters collaboration through dedicated features such as the“Office events” or “Follow colleagues.”

Overall, deskbird offers powerful features while remaining more accessible and straightforward.

How can I ensure employees show up to the office after making a desk booking?

deskbird solves the problem by using QR code check-ins, for example. The system can automatically release their booked resources if an employee fails to check in. This ensures more effective resource management and precise tracking of office attendance.

What are the benefits of deskbird versus competitors?

deskbird is simple, easy to use, and has powerful and customizable features. This makes it suitable for many use cases, from small agencies to enterprises with thousands of employees. deskbird offers the greatest user experience without compromising functionality, power, and data security

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