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deskbird is more than just a team of professionals. We are driving the future of work by assisting organizations in implementing the best hybrid workplaces worldwide. That's why deskbird is made for people, by people.

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Get to know the deskbirds

We are known to be driven, entrepreneurial, and always ready for a new challenge. But don't just take our word for it - check out our video and hear what your future colleagues have to say!

Super-Stars Sales Team

Dedicated, knowledgeable, curious, and always looking for the best solution for each company. Our Sales Team rocks!

Customer Success Heroes

Who makes our customers happy? Our CS do! Every day, they help and guide our customers with top-notch support.

Marketing Sharks

They live and breathe creativity and love crafting inspiring messages and visuals. But data is always on their mind (and they know how to use it)!

Finance Team (a.k.a: The Accountables )

They know numbers. They know procedures. And they make sure we know them too. Where would we be without them?

Engineering Team (a.k.a.: The Incredibles)

They are the backbone of deskbird. They code, build, create, fix, change again, and ensure our product always works smoothly.

Product & UX Team (a.k.a.: The Nerdbirds)

This team of stars makes sure that our product's user experience is the best it can be.

People & Culture (a.k.a.: The Irreplaceables)

They are the supporters of our everyday needs, and there is nothing they can't do: from planning summits abroad to recruiting the best talents, our team is the best out there!

Teams of deskbird

Ready to join the ride?

Benefits at deskbird

Work from anywhere

Flexible schedules

Make the office space working smart with deskbird

Embrace hybrid working

Visit another deskbird

Company summits and team bursts

Home office & IT equipment

Learning and development budget

Coworking allowance

Well-being allowance

Have a blast — experience allowance

What we stand for

Think big, each day — deskbird values

Think big, each day

We strive to be the best in what we do. Each day, we challenge ourselves to take a new step toward our aspirations and make this the journey of a lifetime.

Holy team — deskbird values

Holy team

We know that a star team will always beat a team of stars. We help each other out and let our knowledge spill over to colleagues and empower everyone to grow.

Own it — deskbird values

Own it

We take full ownership of what we do from beginning to end. We have the strength to admit when we're wrong and the confidence to ask for help when we need it.

Hands on, problems off — deskbird values

Hands on, problems off

We have a strong bias for action and prefer taking a wrong path over no path. We are all entrepreneurs and never shy away from stepping into unknown waters.

Listen, focus, repeat — deskbird values

Listen, focus, repeat

We stay super receptive toward all stakeholders and have the power to react quickly. We dare to say no to things that distract us from creating the utmost value.

Stay humble, stay hungry — deskbird values

Stay humble, stay hungry

We always stay humble and treat everyone with respect. We avoid complacency, always stay curious and never stop learning.

Have fun — deskbird values

Have fun

We are all on this adventure together and love having fun along the way. We also know when to take the time we deserve to recharge.

Become a deskbird in 1-2-3

Intro talk

An introductory call with one of our People & Culture Team. The goal is to understand your career plan and expectations, make sure there is a match and answer your questions.

Experience & Skills

A job-focused interview with your future manager to better understand your background.

Meet & Greet

A final meeting with one of our co-founders or team members to know more about our values, how we work and make sure you feel comfortable at deskbird.

Feel like a deskbird yourself? Let's talk!