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deskbird's data-driven insights have enabled one of our clients to maximize desk usage, allowing 800 employees to work efficiently with just 200 desks. Ready to know how?

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Identify space for lease disposal

Use deskbird to gather comprehensive information on actual office usage and leverage this data to make informed decisions 3 to 6 months before carrying out the downsizing process. With deskbird by your side, you will have an invaluable ally to save costs and optimize your space.

Find the best desk-sharing ratio for your employees

You can calculate your desk-sharing ratio for your business using the size of your team and the projected growth, their roles, and your hybrid policies. Use our detailed Analytics to find out how much space you need! You can also estimate your savings by using our hybrid office calculator.

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Our popular features to help with downsizing

Resource utilization

Check the current and planned resource utilization to enhance efficiency.

Floor plan editor

The simple drag-and-drop feature makes floor plan creation and modification effortless. Our intuitive floor plan editor allows you to create designated areas, set up entire floors, add or delete areas and desks, and relocate them as needed.

Office configurations

With the option to do it yourself, changing your office configuration has never been easier. You can update opening days and hours, booking configurations, check-in types, automatic cancellation options, anonymous bookings, and more.

Advanced room discovery

Effortlessly find the meeting room you need based on size, equipment, or other specifications.


Make the office experience seamless with our check-in options! With the convenience of QR codes or a simple link, you can ensure no more wasted spaces and no-shows!

Company insight

Thanks to the implementation of deskbird, a British hotel group was able to significantly cut their rent costs by 58% by reducing their desk ratio.

Fully integrated into existing systems

deskbird is fully integrated into MS Teams and Slack, and syncs with Outlook, Google calendar, Personio, and many other HR softwares.

Upcoming features

Office layout recommendations

Get AI-based recommendations on the best office layout structure.

Meeting room

Get AI-tailored meeting room suggestions based on the number of people attending.

API to BI tools connection

Link Analytics to your BI tools to receive real-time data updates and generate advanced data reports.

IoT integrations

Boosting your data capabilities through our integration with existing IoT technology.

Industry benchmarks

Access anonymous industry benchmarks and compare your statistics with those of others.

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Learn more on how to navigate the office space downsizing

How can you transition to a hybrid work model?

Transitioning to a hybrid work model involves several key steps. Start by creating a checklist to ensure a smooth transition. This should include consulting your employees to understand their needs and preferences. Prepare the necessary technology setup for remote work and ensure seamless communication and collaboration tools are in place. This step is crucial in maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction in a hybrid work environment.

How does deskbird help in downsizing?

deskbird is the ultimate tool for informing the downsizing process. Knowing past, present, and future office usage patterns allows you and your businesses to make informed decisions about the space needed, identify underutilized areas, and understand peak usage times. You can be confident that your office space decisions are based on data and informed decisions with deskbird.

What about increasing space?

deskbird's Analytics and data insights provide comprehensive information on office occupancy trends, including peak occupancy days. When combined with future hiring plans, this data helps you make informed decisions about expanding your workspace to accommodate growth without incurring unnecessary expenses.

We are moving to a new office. How can we ensure an optimum employee/desk ratio?

Analyzing your office data and past usage patterns is critical to maximizing your office space. This will help you establish the perfect employee-to-desk ratio in your new office. By doing so, you can accurately calculate the required number of desks based on actual usage. Additionally, introducing a hybrid work policy can help optimize this ratio since not all employees need a desk daily. With these measures in place, you can confidently ensure that your office space is efficiently utilized and that your employees have the necessary resources to succeed.

How can I further optimize office space?

We recommend implementing Dynamic Spaces, as this approach allows for a more flexible and efficient use of the workspace, ultimately leading to significant productivity improvements. By integrating QR codes for spontaneous check-ins, you can further facilitate flexible desk usage and maximize space utilization while enabling real-time adjustments based on daily occupancy.

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