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Streamline your office operations with our powerful Admin portal. It empowers you to define and manage all office configurations, all from one platform.

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5’000+ workplaces run on deskbird

Empowering admins for success

Always keep your workplace under control and in line with your specific requirements: access restrictions and priority access, check-in requirements, booking lead times, data privacy, and more.

Admin features

User provisioning

Do you want to save time on user creation and updates? We've got you covered with our automated user provisioning option. You have the choice to provision users through SCIM or CSV.

Calendar sync

Say goodbye to resource double bookings. deskbird automatically synchronizes room bookings with O365 and Google Calendar.

HRIS integration

No one likes to enter the same information in two systems. This is why we integrate with your HRIS tool: approved absences in your HRIS will be automatically synchronized with deskbird.

Interactive floor plan editor

Our simple drag-and-drop feature makes floor plan creation and modification effortless. Our intuitive floor plan editor allows you to create designated areas, set up entire floors, add or delete areas and desks, and relocate them as needed.

Office configurations

With the option to do it yourself, changing your office configuration has never been easier. You can update opening days and hours, booking configurations, check-in types, automatic cancellation options, anonymous bookings, and more.


Make your experience seamless with our check-in options! With the convenience of QR codes or a simple link, you can ensure a smooth start to your work day. No more wasting spaces and no-shows!


Events or emergencies: keep everyone informed of what's happening in the office by creating announcements visible to everyone or selected users on their social feeds.

Office functions

Assign roles such as fire wardens, first aiders, evacuation helpers, and key holders to selected users in specific offices. Minimize manual tasks and quickly identify their presence and location in emergencies.

Fully integrated into existing systems

deskbird is fully integrated into MS Teams and Slack, and syncs with Outlook, Google calendar, Personio, and many other HR softwares.

More Admin features you’ll love

Single Sign On (SSO)

We support OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, FIDO2 & Azure AD enterprise.

Assigned spaces

Assign desks, parking slots, and other resources to specific people or teams.

Shared spaces

Reserve resources for colleagues and visitors and edit existing bookings.

Roles & permissions

Give users one of several available roles with varying levels of permissions.

Customer support

A dedicated Customer Success team always by your side.

Help center

Find all the answers and detailed documentation about deskbird easily.

100% GDPR compliant

Made in Switzerland, hosted in Germany. Our cloud infrastructure is fully certified with industry standards, such as ISO27001 and SOC2. From ground up, we've built deskbird with European GDPR in mind. Your data is processed and hosted exclusively in the EU, according to your privacy preferences.

Make hybrid work for your needs

Bring people back to the office

Learn how deskbird helps redefine office spaces, revitalizing the workplace and fostering teamwork.

Supercharge employee engagement

Discover how deskbird's user-friendly interface and core features elevate employee engagement.

Downsize your office with confidence

See how deskbird optimizes space usage, enabling businesses to downsize without compromising productivity.

Optimize costs & consumption

Discover how deskbird reduces operational costs and resource consumption.

Simplify office management

Learn how to ensure efficient office management for employees and administrators with deskbird.

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Upcoming features

API to BI tools connection

Link Analytics to your BI tools to receive real-time data updates and generate advanced data reports.

Office attendance goals

Improve employee attendance by setting attendance targets and identifying the factors motivating employees to return to the office.

Surveys with AI summaries

Send employee surveys that can be analyzed using AI to gather critical insights.

Dynamic office space adjustments

Allow for dynamic adjustments to office space, such as closing specific floors on days with low occupancy.

Office layout recommendations

Get AI-based recommendations on the best office layout structure.


Analyze, learn, grow

Get detailed insights into office utilization and attendance to create the best workplace experience for your employees. Make deskbird your central hub and collect crucial real estate data to help you make informed decisions. No more guessing!

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