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Introducing: assigned spaces


November 23, 2022


June 16, 2023

A new and exciting feature has just been added to the ever-growing deskbird family: Assigned Spaces

In our quest to make hybrid work as easy and accessible as possible, we realized that a key factor in managing your workplace was possibility of assigning desks, parking slots, or other resources to specific people.

Maybe your colleague Markus likes sitting beside the big window on the north side of the office - so why not make his day and assign that specific desk to him? And what about Julie, who comes to the office every Tuesday by car? Can we find the perfect parking slot for her? Yes, we definitely can! 

With Assigned Spaces, you can allocate workplace resources efficiently and ensure everyone is happy!

Assigned Spaces & Resources: How do they work?

This new feature is now available in the Admin section of your deskbird account. Log in to your Admin portal and go to the Floors and spaces page. In this section, you’ll find desks or parking spots with the relevant access status (Shared Access or Assign).

For example, if you want to assign a desk to your coworker Jim, simply click Assign. A pop-up window will appear, and you will have the option to Restrict access to 1 user (adding the name manually or using the drop-down search section).

screenshot that shows how to edit an assigned desk

Other users can also book this desk if the assignee status is Other than Office (for example, if Jim decides to work from home or go on vacation, lucky him). This extra step ensures optimal usage of workplace spaces (unless the user has not defined a status). 

Now Jim has his desk assigned, and he’s as happy as a clam!

Jim will find his new desk in his user profile, under Book. Here he'll see Your spaces section, with all the assigned spaces, locations, and detailed information about how to access those resources. 

What if you needed to edit the access to this specific desk again? Let’s say Jim is taking a sabbatical and won’t be in the office for some time. 

No problem! Click Edit on the desk section and change its status from the pop-up window (from Restrict access to 1 user to Shared Access). The desk will now be accessible to the rest of the team. 

Assigned spaces will be available in the Admin Portal and on iOS today and going live on Android and in the Web/MS Teams App by the end of this week.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our fantastic customer support team at