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From sustainability to equality: how deskbird is driving positive changes


January 2, 2023


May 23, 2023

Paving the way for a sustainable future through innovation and progress

What's CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become essential for businesses worldwide. CSR is a way for companies to give back to society while focusing on their economic and environmental impacts. At deskbird, we have taken the initiative to integrate CSR into our corporate culture from day one.

What we stand for?

As a company, our main goal is to help businesses manage their workplaces more efficiently. However, we also recognize our responsibility to society beyond our business objectives. Since deskbird’s foundation, we have strived to integrate CSR into our company values as we believe it is a fundamental aspect of our business operations.

We have shown our commitment to CSR by supporting local charities and donating to non-profit organizations. The company regularly contributes to these organizations and encourages its employees to participate in charitable events (like our partnership with OTP Bank and their project supporting Ukraine).

➡️ We also offer discounted price plans for NGOs and charities (get in touch with our Sales Team for more information).

Our support to sustainability

Another way we promote CSR is by reducing our environmental impact and supporting hybrid work, proven to reduce carbon footprint. Our business model promotes smart and efficient use of office space with the purpose of reducing energy, resource consumption, and commuting. In fact, ​with fewer employees in the office at any given time, there is less demand for lighting, heating, and air conditioning, reducing overall energy usage and carbon emissions from transportation.

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➡️ Read more about coordinated hybrid work and how it helps reduce up to 30% in office costs and resources.

A team of stars - our employees!

At deskbird, we consider our employees our most valuable asset. And we ensure they have all the tools they need for a great work-life balance. We offer various perks and benefits, including flexible working arrangements, learning and developing funds, well-being opportunities, and in-person events to meet colleagues from around Europe (like our “visit a deskbird” budget, which facilitates social networks between colleagues).  Investing in our employees creates a positive work culture and improves productivity.

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We firmly believe businesses can positively impact society and the environment while achieving their goals. Our dedication toCorporate Social Responsibility reflects that. We aim to lead by example through our support of local charities, efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, and commitment to treating our employees well. It is essential that companies incorporate CSR into their operations to help create a better future for all. Even if we don't advertise all small-scale efforts or projects, we are still committed to putting all our energy into making those projects successful.

In the words of the renowned conservationist Jane Goodall,

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." 

Let us all choose to make a positive difference through our actions and contributions toward creating a more socially responsible and sustainable world.