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7 advantages of desk sharing


October 20, 2021


May 24, 2023

Desk sharing or hot desking means that there are no fixed office workplaces and seats. Instead, employees work in a different location every working day. What are the advantages of this concept, which originated in Silicon Valley? Learn about desk sharing and how your company can implement it and, in turn, increase creativity and productivity.

7 Advantages of Desk Sharing

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1. Goodbye monotonous office routine 

Desk sharing forces employees to leave their comfort zone. They no longer go to the same desk every day. It motivates people to work in a new environment every day. This prevents boring routines from forming and making employees feel stagnant and demotivated. The flexible office design ensures an active exchange, brings dynamism into the working day and promotes employee motivation and satisfaction.

2. Desk sharing saves costs

Through desk sharing, a company can achieve savings of up to 30%. In times of high real estate prices, saving office space is a good reason to implement desk sharing, especially for younger companies. Not only can office space be saved, but also heating or electricity costs, which are rising with the cost-of-living crisis. These savings not only benefit the company, but also the environment as less energy is being used!

3. Employees meet new colleagues

Promoting exchange between employees requires a high degree of flexibility and empathy, but the employee can benefit from the exchange. Tips and suggestions arise from the changing seats and meeting new people in the office. New neighbors can promote creativity or support each other in their challenges. In addition, desk sharing helps build connection, creating greater empathy between employees. By changing desks and interacting with different colleagues, people can learn how to deal with a wide variety of people and ways of working.

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4. New concept - new company image

The image of a company can also be positively influenced by desk sharing, as it shows that the organization is keeping up with the times and applying new, flexible working concepts. The concept attracts young and creative employees who want to work in an innovative, flexible, and communicative company.

5. Increase in productivity

Increased productivity is the result of a close exchange between different employees that don't normally interact. The employees get to know the working methods, needs and challenges of other departments. In this way, desk sharing can lead to new solutions and problem-solving approaches. Changing seat neighbors creates new connections and the flow of information and team cohesion is improved. 

6. Better focus

Desk sharing means that workstations are always changed and do not contain personal belongings. In addition, they should always be clean and tidy, which means that the worker is not distracted by a disorganized environment. For example, no piles of paper can build up as the desk has to be tidied up after work. He or she can focus on the essentials, which also increases productivity.

7. Employee equality

If managers also embrace flexibility and work from different seats, this flattens the hierarchy and can promote teamwork. Instead of having a private office that is isolated from others, they can work in different desks that are closer to their team. Not only is there a possibility of changing entrenched structures but also, managers are 'on the ground' listening to the challenges employees are having on a daily basis. This promotes greater feedback and creates a more open work environment.  

The 7 advantages of desk sharing show that there are a lot of benefits for the company and the employees when implementing more flexible work models. With a desk sharing software, it's easy to plan and implement the changes for better employee experience, creativity and productivity.

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