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deskbird goes French


October 25, 2021


April 10, 2024

After the great journey in Germany, where deskbird equipped numerous companies and employees with their desk sharing software, now deskbird wants to transform french offices into hybrid workplaces.

deskbird, the most people-centric solution on the marketplace for office management and desk booking, will bring new opportunities for hybrid companies in France. The deskbird app will provide in January 2021 desk sharing in French, so that French-speaking employees can use it easily and fast!

The French digital revolution 

Remote working is called in French “télétravail” and in the last few years, it has also become common for French tech companies to open offices in multiple cities in France or other countries and distribute the teams. For that, many companies provide their French employees with all needed tools, digital office management and It Infrastructure, so that the team can connect and work easily together, even if they sit in different countries. 

Because of the COVID 19 pandemic , which started in March 2020, all French tech companies were forced to switch their office to remote work with only a couple of days notice. Even for the prepared tech companies, the time fast change was challenging.

Dailymotions digital transformation in 24 hours 

The video-sharing technology platform and company Dailymotion is based in Paris and reached a new record in digital change. During the COVID 19 pandemic 2020, Dailymotion provided in 24 hours all needed tools, enabling their 300 employees to work remotely from home. 

Especially for employees, who are parents at the same time, Dailymotion allowed arranging their working hours more flexibly or to take paid parental leave if they had to take care of their children. 

After the first pandemic wave, Dailymotion decided to keep the remote model in a hybrid work framework. For the company, it is important to keep the team connected. To strengthen a great team spirit, they offer many online events and opened a virtual cafeteria for coffee breaks or lunches. 

In the opinion of Dailymotion, this fast switch to remote work could only happen, because of their investments in helpful and collaborative software products. 

Alan - the role model for desk sharing in France

The insurance and health tech start-Up Alan is based in Paris and desk sharing is an essential part of their company. Jean-Charles Samuelian, cofounder and chief executive of Alan, inverted his own concept of desk sharing in France: Every 3 months the 163 employees take their laptops and chairs and move to a new place in the office, to get to know new people.

With an office management app like deskbird, employees can see where colleagues from their own and other teams are sitting and book a desk next to them.

Working at Alan

Meetings no - transparency yes

For the managers of Alan, the most significant point of remote working is the radical transparency of the company and the distributes ownership of each employee. 

The company banned meetings from every employee’s timetable because of their inefficiency and lacking transparency. Instead every team member is able to open  a GitHub to discuss an issue or to make a proposal to drive change transparently. As there are no personal meetings anymore, the  employees work hybrid and can organize their time according to their needs. To show trust and family spirit, the company calls all employees “Alaners”

Most surprisingly is, that Alaners speak openly about their salary as it is  published in a central database with every employee’s pay and stock options. The company believes that transparency gives the employees more trust and equality. 

Especially French companies are pioneers and show how fast a normal office can be transformed with the right software tools into a hybrid office. Compared to other countries in Europe, the French companies don't only offer remote work, they want to give the employees more responsibility and turning the whole company more transparent. 

deskbird provides helpful software tools and desk management solutions to provide a hybrid work environment, now also in French!

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deskbird goes French

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