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deskbird goes Spanish


November 1, 2021


April 10, 2024

deskbird started with the headquarter in Germany and wants to go international and take over the Spanish market! With the Spanish deskbird desk sharing and office management app, companies can easily change their office into a hybrid work environment - with deskbird, the most people-centric solution on the marketplace.

After successful achievements in Germany, deskbird goes Spanish and brings new opportunities for desk sharing to Spanish markets.

“Trabajo a distancia” the new normal?

In Spanish remote work is known as “trabajo a distancia”. Working from home has become a basic element of the labor landscape in Spain, tech and computer companies, as well as start-ups, are planning to adopt it extensively. Lots of Spanish firms made use of the pandemic as a trial for working remotely and observed that most of the employees enjoy the flexibility.

Hot desking - ING invents desk sharing in Spain

The global banking and financial service ING serves nearly four million customers across 29 branches in Spain. After the work from home trial during the first COVID-19 pandemic, ING decided that employees can choose between working fully remote, working hybrid or  at the office. Each opportunity is dependent on the work field and the team lead, but in general, the company wants to encourage the employees to design their working day in the way that works best for them. As it tuned out that fewer employees work regularly in the office, ING introduced hot desking. Instead of personal desks, the tables can be shared by multiple people. 

With the deskbird app, desk sharing in Spain can be digitally provided. Before employees come to the office, they can see in the desk management app where their colleagues sit and book their desk next to them.

AXA equips Spanish home offices 

At the insurance company AXA, teams can choose a hybrid work model, by working three days in the office and two days from home. Therefore, employees can enjoy flexibility. On top pf this AXA provided every remote working employee a €200 voucher to prepare their home office with the a desk, chair, lamps and any other needed equipment. Additionally, the costs of light and Wi-Fi are compensated with €3 for each remote working day. 

AXA office space

The goal of AXA’s smart working strategy is, that by 2023, 70% of employees should be able to work hybrid if they want to.

The company also cares about the employee's mental and physical health and created the AXA's wellness program with free access to sports centers, gyms and psychological support.

Liberty Seguros becoming a fully digital company

The insurance company Liberty Seguros has a headquarter in Spain with 2000 employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 all employees worked remotely. Accoringly, the company found out that 93% of their employees would like to keep working from home. Therefore, Liberty Seguros started planning a new strategy for a fully digital company.

Liberty Seguros wanted to support and fulfill the needs of the employees and announced in the last year to invest €100 mio. in a cloud-based technology to reach the goal of becoming a fully digital company. Liberty Seguros will be soon one of the first insurances, which commits to a fully remote working model.

Juan Miguel Estallo, CEO of Liberty Seguros Europe, announced that every employee will receive an additional €660 annual payment to cover all remote working expenses, such as equipment or electricity costs. The company sees the Spanish future of remote work and wants to make sure that their employees have everything they need to work in a professional environment.

The digital pioneers of Spain show on the one hand, that increasingly employees prefer to work from home and on the other hand, companies must equip remote working employees with tools to ensure the highest productivity also outside the office.

deskbird creates new opportunities for Spanish companies, which want to transform their work culture into a hybrid or remote system. The office management tool and the desk booking in Spanish can be easily and quickly implemented so that  employees can soon enjoy their new flexibility!

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