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November 3, 2021


December 15, 2023

Is it a bird, is it a plane? It’s deskbird flying in with its newest release: The Microsoft Teams App!

We heard what you wanted and here it is: Our MS Teams application - making workspace booking as easy and intuitive as it gets. No need to switch to our web or mobile apps any more - you can benefit from deskbird all in one place!

The installation takes around 10 minutes and the app will get all the updates also available on web and mobile. If you need support in the setup, simply contact us at and we will make it work for you!

How to get the best of two worlds in just 3 steps: 

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams admin center (link:;
  2. Go to "Teams apps > Manage apps" and upload our application (download here);
  3. Make sure our app is allowed for installation under: "Teams apps > Permission policies"
MS Teams x deskbird

How to roll the deskbird MS Teams app out to your users

Once you uploaded our MS Teams app, it should directly be available to all users in the MS Teams App Store. They can either search for it or find it in the category "Built for your org". Users can then decide to install the application to their MS Teams environment. If you want to pro-actively install the app on your users' MS Team environments, follow the next 3 steps. Please note, that we describe how to set this up via the Global setup policy.

It is also possible to achieve the same effect with custom setup policies:

  • In the Teams admin center, head to "Teams apps" > "Setup policies"
  • Enter the "Global (org-wide default)" policy and add the deskbird application at "Installed apps"
  • Optionally, you can also pin the deskbird application to your users' navigation bars by adding deskbird to the "Pinned apps"

You haven't tried deskbird yet? No problem, just book a free demo with our team and get a personal consultation!

deskbird MS Teams app


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