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Managing the shift toward flexible work: deskbird as a solution


December 1, 2022


June 16, 2023

Did you know? 37% of desks in the office are usually empty. But why?

A new reality has emerged for many companies since the COVID-19 pandemic: a substantial portion of their employees will work remotely permanently.

A recent analysis by Gallup reveals that 37% of American workers plan to work remotely for the long term.

The numbers behind this shift are staggering. Of the 125 million full-time jobs in the US, 60 million (or roughly 50%) can be done remotely. Gallup's team interviewed a representative sample of these employees and found that 30% said they would prefer never to come into the office during the week, while 10% prefer working all five days in the office. The remaining 60% want a blend of one to four days per week in the office, with the most common preference being two to three days per week.

So what's driving this shift toward remote work? The top three reasons cited by employees were:

  1. The elimination of their commute.
  2. An improvement in overall well-being.
  3. More flexibility to balance family needs or other obligations.
people in a coworking space.

Many employees highly value the option to work from home, and companies will likely need to adapt to this new reality to retain top talent.

However, it's important to note that the shift toward remote work has challenges. A positive in-person culture enhances individual development. It results in the success of teams, innovation, and customer success, including fewer errors and missed opportunities. To overcome these challenges, companies must adapt to this new reality and find solutions for employees and the organization.

deskbird is the desk booking app that can help companies manage flexible offices. The app allows companies to manage their office space utilization, book desks, and meeting rooms in real-time, and receive real-time availability information. deskbird also provides customizable settings, reporting, and analytics, which can help organizations make informed decisions about their office space usage.

So, if you're looking for a way to manage your office space, retain top talent, and maintain a positive in-person culture, why not try deskbird today?

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The shift toward flexible work presents new challenges for companies. Still, it also provides opportunities to improve how we work and live.

Understanding what works best for each team member to achieve optimal results is essential. Setting goals and providing regular, brief coaching sessions via Zoom or Team is now paramount. With 60 million workers currently able to telecommute, the 37% reduction in in-person workdays per week will significantly impact both our professional and personal lives. To stay competitive and retain top talent, companies must adapt to this new reality and foster a work environment that promotes a healthy balance between work and life. As a result of effectively managing this transformation, the team culture will remain cohesive, contributing to the success of businesses rather than being fragmented with freelancers and gig workers.

This proactive and adaptable approach will be critical for continued growth and success in a rapidly changing business landscape.