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Introducing Guest Booking


March 7, 2024


March 8, 2024

We are delighted to introduce our latest release, specifically designed to improve your visitors' experience.

Understanding the challenge

Visitor management is more than just hospitality; it's part of a better approach to planning and transparency in office operations. With their large offices and large numbers of visitors, enterprises find managing this aspect particularly challenging. 

The need for a solid system is clear in the requirements to:

  • Reserve resources for guests,
  • Communicate bookings and schedules effectively,
  • Document unbooked guest visits, and
  • Ensure all visitor needs are met onsite, from check-ins to signing essential documents.

Our solution: resource booking simplified

Our new feature focuses on streamlining the booking of resources for guests and enhancing communication regarding their scheduled visits. 

This feature ensures guests are welcomed efficiently and with all necessary arrangements.

Why this matters

Guest booking is at the heart of a successful workplace. For enterprises, especially, a compliant and efficient guest booking system is non-negotiable. Our solution not only addresses this core need but also leads the way for a more integrated and welcoming office environment.

How does it work

Guest Booking is available across all platforms, including WebApp, Teams, iOS, and Android, and is offered to all plans.

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What’s included:

  • Booking non-meeting room resources for external guests, with easy check-in and email notifications.
  • Administrative control over who can book resources for guests.
  • A comprehensive overview of all guest bookings is in the Bookings tab.

deskbird desk booking - upcoming bookings overview

  • Insights into the day's guest presence in the office.
deskbird weekly schedule overview

  • Enhanced visibility and access rights to ensure sensitive work remains undisturbed by external presence.
deskbird guest booking portal

Access and visibility for Guest Booking:

The ability to view guest bookings is determined by the privacy settings associated with your account and role. If you can already view a user's bookings, you'll also be able to see their guest bookings.

Detailed information about guests or their bookings will be inaccessible if you lack permission to view the host's bookings.

Regardless of anonymity, you will be informed whether a booking is internal or external, allowing you to decide if you wish to be seated near an external visitor when handling confidential tasks.

An option is available to make anonymous bookings on behalf of guests.

Making every visit count 💜

With this new feature, we're not just simplifying a process but redefining how companies welcome and manage their visitors. Whether it's a prospective client, a consultant, or a partner, every visitor is treated with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring their time within your premises is productive and pleasant.

We believe in creating solutions that resonate with the needs of our users, and this feature release is a testament to our commitment to enhancing workplace management. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and elevate the office experience for businesses worldwide.

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