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HRIS integration: streamlining absence tracking for improved efficiency and data accuracy


August 1, 2023


August 3, 2023

deskbird unveiled its latest feature, the integration with HRIS (Human Resource Information System). This innovative integration revolutionizes absence tracking, offering users a seamless experience while enhancing data accuracy for optimized workforce and office analytics.

A game-changer for tracking absences seamlessly

Until now, deskbird users were challenged to track absence periods on both platforms, leading to duplicated efforts and potential data inconsistencies. The HRIS integration effectively resolves this issue by automatically transferring absence periods, including sick days and holidays, from the HRIS to the deskbird scheduling section as statuses. This streamlined integration saves users valuable time and empowers administrators to maintain high data quality.

Which HRIS tools do we support?

The new HRIS integration has been meticulously designed to easily accommodate a wide range of HRIS tools. deskbird supports seamless integration with the following HRIS platforms: Bamboo HR, WorkDay, Personio, Sage, Factorial, HiBob, Rippling, and Sap Success Factors. 

For users employing HRIS solutions not listed above, deskbird's dedicated Customer Support Team is available to explore possibilities for extending the integration to additional platforms.

How does it work?

Approved absences, such as sick leave, vacation time, or other scheduled absences within the HRIS, will be effortlessly transferred and updated in the deskbird Week Planning module. If an absence is transferred to deskbird and the user's work location is set to "Absent," any existing bookings for that day and users will be canceled automatically to ensure precise scheduling. To guarantee consistent data across all systems, users are required to use the HRIS tool to cancel any absence entirely.

For exceptional cases where users must create bookings despite a synced absence period through the HRIS (e.g., half-day absences), deskbird supports the flexibility to create new bookings within the platform. At the same time, their status is displayed as "Absent."

Visibility for users

In the deskbird web and mobile app, users will see any status modifications made by the HRIS Integration through the Personal feed and Colleagues view.

Notifications will be emailed to users whenever their status is changed due to the HRIS integration. Users can customize their notification preferences, choosing to receive notifications for schedule changes or opt-out altogether. Furthermore, users will receive notifications if any bookings are canceled due to a synced absence period from the HRIS. Group managers, managers, office admins, and admins can view users' synced status within their respective groups, ensuring visibility and facilitating seamless coordination.

"We are delighted to introduce HRIS integrations, a great milestone in our mission to simplify workspace management and improve user experience," said Ivan Cossu, deskbird's CEO and co-founder. “The integrations eliminate duplicate efforts and ensure data consistency, enabling businesses to focus on productivity and enhancing efficiency.”