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Hybrid Hero: SAP


February 7, 2022


October 25, 2022

German software company SAP is taking its current hybrid work model to a new level. 100'000 employees in more than 78 countries now have 100 percent freedom to choose where they work.

Previous hybrid work model at SAP

SAP has already offered a hybrid location-independent work model for decades. But after the company conducted an internal survey on employee satisfaction and needs, a dedicated team developed a new hybrid work model:

SAP's "Pledge to Flex"

From the survey, SAP realized that 80 percent of employees want to work hybrid. They prefer the mix of working some days from home and several days in the office. SAP formed the new Pledge to Flex concept from this.

  • Pledge to Flex means making a 100% flexible and trust-based work model is the norm
  • Employees can always return to the office and use the space
  • Flexible working hours so employees can effectively combine their work and personal lives
  • New office buildings and functional spaces designed to meet the needs of employees

Concretely, this means that every SAP employee can choose where they work from every single day without having to ask for permission. This concept is also meant to attract new young professionals.

At the same time, SAP is constantly working on redesigning their work locations to allow employees who choose the office as a work location to work in the most productive way. In addition, not everyone has enough space and equipment at home to be able to work undisturbed and optimally. Employees can therefore decide for themselves which location best suits their needs.

SAP Culture Success Factors

Next to a new policy and office redesign, SAP introduced the Success Factors software. It was developed to ensure that employees remain connected regardless of location and to further promote corporate culture, even if employees only meet in front of the camera. 

This technology is intended to strengthen corporate culture, from the integration of new team members to the professional development of employees. SAP's subsidiary Qualtrics is also involved in quickly and easily conducting surveys on the needs and moods of employees. The results always provide an up-to-date overview of employee satisfaction.

For good digital communication and online meetings, Microsoft Teams is also to be integrated into the SAP Success Factors software in the future, so that employees can have a broader selection of access tools. After that, other tool software could also follow.

SAP Success Factors is not only used internally, the company also offers this software to its customers who also want to switch to a 100 percent location-independent work model.

SAP is going a step further than many other corporations with their promise of total flexibility and promise of trust to employees, making them a Hybrid Hero! We believe SAP has created a great New Work concept that now serves as a model for companies in all industries.

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Hybrid Hero: SAP


Julia Dejakum is a skilled brand and marketing manager with a specialty in hybrid work solutions. Known for her innovative strategies, she expertly blends brand development with the nuances of remote and in-person work environments.

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