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Interview with Gustav's co-founder Christian Pistauer


October 5, 2023


November 16, 2023

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We are talking with Christian Pistauer, one of the co-founders of Gustav, a company that has introduced a clever office toolbox.

They are changing the game regarding personal storage in offices where desks are shared. You can learn more about Gustav at

deskbird: Could you tell us about Gustav's office toolboxes and how they enhance the office desk-sharing experience?

Christian: Gustav's office organizer is essentially 'your office in a box,' with a built-in laptop stand. The concept behind Gustav is to address three fundamental challenges encountered in a desk-sharing office environment:

  1. Transport & Storage: We tackle the issue of efficiently storing and transporting your personal office essentials. Even though many offices have a clean desk policy, personal items like wireless keyboards, headsets, documents, business cards, and stationery often remain at the workplace. Gustav Original provides a dedicated space for all these items, allowing you to easily carry them from your locker to your desk for the day. At the desk, your work tools are easily accessible, which is a key difference compared to an office bag, which is usually on the floor.
  2. Sense of Desk Ownership & Personalization: With Gustav, you can make a desk your own for the day. Placing a Gustav on a desk signifies it's yours for the day. It's not just a storage solution; it's a canvas for personalizing with family photos or cherished artifacts.
  3. Laptop Ergonomics: In modern office spaces with various breakout areas, Gustav Original empowers you to sit anywhere and maintain ergonomic comfort while working. This enhances the office's well-being and allows people to use any space in the entire office ergonomically – which means they are more likely to use the office concept flexibly, as intended. 

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deskbird: That's fascinating, Christian! Besides what you've already shared, how else can Gustav assist businesses as they transition to desk-sharing and hot desking environments?

Christian: Great question! Gustav recognizes that personalization is key in making the transition to desk sharing smoother and more comfortable for businesses and individuals. Here are a couple of ways Gustav can further assist:

  1. Custom Branding: For businesses looking to maintain a consistent brand identity even in flexible workspaces, we offer the option of laser-engraved logos on Gustav office toolboxes. This not only reinforces brand presence but also adds a touch of professionalism to shared workstations.
  2. Personalization for Individuals: People tend to be territorial; they like to claim a space with their work and personal belongings. Gustav facilitates this sense of ownership and personalization. Users can adorn their Gustav with images, personal items, and even small potted plants, turning any desk into their space. It's about making people feel comfortable and at home in a shared environment.

By offering customization and personalization options, Gustav goes beyond mere functionality to enhance the overall experience of desk sharing and hot desking, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging.

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deskbird: Sustainability is a growing concern. How is Gustav contributing to sustainability in the workspace?

Christian: Sustainability has always been at the core of our business philosophy. We take a holistic approach to creating products that make a positive impact. Here are some of our current sustainability initiatives:

  • EU Production: Our manufacturing is based in the EU, minimizing transport emissions, and ensuring quick delivery times for our core customer base.
  • Sustainable Wood: We prioritize using sustainable wood species in our products, recognizing that wood is a precious natural resource.
  • Plastic-Free Packaging: We've adopted plastic-free packaging to reduce waste. 
  • Long Product Lifecycle: Gustav is committed to crafting high-quality, long-lasting products that don't end up in landfills after a short period. Our strong focus on material quality and design aesthetics has earned us recognition, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

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deskbird: What can we expect from Gustav in terms of future products?

Christian: We understand that different people have different behaviors and work styles. We are expanding our product portfolio to ensure we can help any employee in a desk-shared environment.

Some may prefer an office tote backpack over an office toolbox. Therefore, Gustav is gearing up to launch an exciting new product soon: first will be Gustav Desk Mate, our new desk-sharing bag that can also be taken home.

The design philosophy aligns with our existing products: we aim for an appealing design, sustainable materials, and a premium look and feel. This new collection is set to be introduced by the end of 2023.