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Elevate your booking experience with our new meeting rooms’ view


January 25, 2024


January 25, 2024

deskbird has always been at the forefront of optimizing workspace management. Today, we're taking another step forward with our latest feature: the new meeting rooms’ view

This innovative update is designed to make booking and managing meeting spaces more intuitive, efficient, and tailored to your needs.

Why you'll love the new meeting rooms’ view 

  • Navigate your week with ease: 

Planning your meetings has never been smoother. With the ability to explore multiple weeks in a single glance, scheduling is now a breeze. You'll have a clear, comprehensive view of availability, helping you plan without the hassle.

  • All-in-one overview: 

Say goodbye to juggling between different tabs. deskbird's new view gives all office meeting rooms a single, easily accessible overview. Whether it's a small huddle room or a large conference space, finding the perfect spot for your next meeting is just a few clicks away.

  • Effortless time slot booking

Flexibility is critical in today's dynamic work environment. Our new feature lets you choose time slots that best fit your team's schedule. This means less time coordinating and more time collaborating.

  • Granular filtering options: 

Every meeting has its unique requirements. With deskbird's granular filtering options, you can tailor your search to the exact needs of your meeting. Whether it's filtering by floor, capacity, or specific amenities, finding the ideal meeting space is now more precise and personalized.

Better synchronization

We have also made significant enhancements to the meeting room synchronization feature.

The improved synch makes it easier for users to view the meeting room availability in their calendars without the risk of overbooking. If you use Microsoft Azure or Google to synchronize your meeting rooms with deskbird, you can be confident that the process will function as expected.

Transforming how you manage meeting spaces

The new meeting rooms’ view isn’t just an update; it’s a transformation in managing and booking meeting spaces. It offers greater flexibility, visibility, and control, simplifying the complex task of coordinating multiple meeting spaces. 

This update is more than just a feature; it's a commitment to enhancing your workplace experience.

Ready to explore?

We're excited for you to experience the ease and efficiency of the new meeting rooms’ view!  

We believe it will significantly elevate your meeting planning process, making it more streamlined and stress-free. 

Get ready to manage your meeting spaces like never before with deskbird's latest feature. Discover the future of meeting room management today and take your workplace experience to new heights with deskbird!