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Simplifying your room booking experience: discover what's new


August 22, 2022


May 18, 2023

Room Booking updates

Great news! With your feedback in mind, we've designed our new and improved Room Booking with some awesome upgrades you'll love!

Curious to learn more? Keep reading and all will be revealed!

Let’s start from the beginning: a brand-new view

Room booking calendar
Room Booking - calendar overview

There is now a separate tab for Room Booking on the Book section, so you can see quickly when a room is available. 

In addition, we developed a calendar view to make it easier to schedule conference rooms and meetings. The updated feature also lets you see when the room is in use and provides other useful information, such as the room's capacity, a brief description, and a picture. 

Pretty handy, don’t you think?

And now to the best part: you can sync your calendar with Google or Outlook!

room booking - calendar overview
Room booking can sync with Google and Outlook calendars

With deskbird, you can now sync meeting rooms directly with your calendars in Google and Outlook. The newly added, on-demand feature will make it easier for you to stay on top of everything!

Simply access our Admin Portal and synchronize your Google and Outlook calendars. You will be able to import meeting rooms automatically, with no extra work! No more scheduling conflicts and more relevant information for you, such as seating capacity, location, and a picture of the room.

💡Good to know💡 

  • You will now find all your previous meeting rooms with one item in the new view.
  • In order to accommodate meeting rooms with multiple items, we have changed the resource type to "Other". You will be able to continue using them as you have in the past.

We are confident that these updates will help you manage your flexible workplace with ease and make your employees happy!

Are you interested in taking advantage of this new feature? Get in touch with our Customer Success Team today for more information. 

Simplifying your room booking experience: discover what's new

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