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Introducing: office analytics


July 27, 2022


October 23, 2023

Office Analytics


Another day, another exciting update! 

Office Analytics has landed, and you can now find it in the Admin portal.

With Office Analytics, you can gather valuable insights into how people use your office space. And you will be able to better understand when people arrive at your office and how they use it throughout the day. Isn’t that great?

Office Analytics overview

The good news doesn't stop there! 

Here are a few more reasons why we think you'll love Office Analytics:

  • Make the most of your office space: find out which desks or areas are being used the most and which are not. Then, you can repurpose areas (e.g., by making collaboration spaces out of more frequently booked spaces or by upgrading less used areas), optimizing your space and reducing costs.
  • The most important information in a nutshell: it is easy to see how office resources are being utilized and to find useful office usage data. Are you interested in more information? By accessing the detailed view, you can see the occupancy breakdown by floor, area, and desk.
  • Controls and views that can be customized: you can select different time frames, such as the previous week, by using the date filter. In this way, you are able to easily track resource usage over time.

Office Analytics occupancy by date

Ready to try it?

Discover Office Analytics and all our product features in action: book a free demo and make hybrid work!

Introducing: office analytics

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