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Introducing office events: enhancing office engagement with deskbird


October 25, 2023


February 28, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new feature that will empower administrators to create and manage office events effortlessly while allowing users to define their attendance status and view who else will attend: Office Events

At deskbird, we understand the evolving landscape of office work, including the growing need for social interaction in flexible work environments. We aim to facilitate these transitions by creating a sense of community and belonging within the workplace, and Office Events will do just that.

By enabling administrators to oversee office events and generating excitement around returning to the office, we want to increase the percentage of employees choosing to come into the office, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment for office spaces. Furthermore, this feature is versatile enough for hybrid or remote events, ensuring that deskbird remains a valuable tool for any working environment.

What can you do with Office Events?

Let’s explore this feature in more detail. 

Admins can:

- Create and manage office events through the admin settings under "events";

- Add event descriptions and details;

- Invite other employees.

Users can:

- Plan their weekdays according to office events (without fear of missing out on important gatherings);

- See who is attending an event;

- Confirm their presence.

Office Events will be available starting from our Business plan and across all platforms: WebApp, MS Teams App, iOS, and Android. However, the feature for adding and managing office events will be exclusively available on WebApp and the MS Teams App. 

To maintain a streamlined user experience, for the time being, we will not allow users or (Group) Managers to add and manage events themselves. Additionally, invitations for office events will not be restricted to specific user groups. 

At deskbird, we're committed to enhancing the workplace experience. Office Events supports our journey toward a more connected, engaging, productive, and overall better workspace.