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Office functions: simplify compliance and safety in hybrid offices


June 12, 2024


June 13, 2024

Ensuring workplace safety and compliance has become significantly simpler with our latest feature: Office functions. This innovative addition to the deskbird's platform empowers companies to efficiently oversee and manage critical office functions, directly addressing the challenges of modern, flexible work arrangements.

The challenge

We know businesses face the daunting task of compliance with health and safety regulations. And not just that.

No matter the industry, ensuring workplace safety is a top priority for European governments, which have implemented comprehensive legislation to protect employees. These laws mandate various safety protocols, including regular safety inspections, personal protective equipment, and thorough risk assessment.

So, guaranteeing there are enough fire wardens, first aiders, and emergency helpers in the office is crucial, yet having a clear overview of these personnel can be complex and fragmented, especially in hybrid workplaces.

Our solution

deskbird's new Office functions tackles these challenges head-on with comprehensive capabilities designed to streamline compliance and safety management. 

Let’s explore it in more detail:

  • Office functions assignment: admins can assign roles such as fire wardens, first aiders, evacuation helpers, and key holders to specific users within particular offices. If admins allow it, users can also manage their assigned roles in their personal settings.
  • Daily office view integration: critical role data is displayed in the redesigned daily office view, allowing admins and users to easily see who is responsible for essential functions each day.

  • Floor plan integration: key personnel can be identified quickly and located using floor plan data when an emergency occurs:

  • User profile integration: office functions are clearly displayed in user profiles, ensuring everyone knows who holds essential roles:

How it works

From the admins' settings:

  • Global admins determine who can maintain office functions, whether it's global and office admins only or also employees.
  • Admins assign office functions to users for specific offices.

From the employee's personal settings:

  • Employees with the necessary access rights can add or remove office functions.
  • Employees can view their assigned office functions.

Benefits for admins

Streamlined compliance management:

  • Admins can easily assign and track critical roles such as fire wardens, first aiders, evacuation helpers, and key holders. This centralization reduces administrative burden and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Real-time visibility: The daily office view integration provides a real-time snapshot of who is present and responsible for daily essential functions, aiding in quick decision-making and compliance checks.

Enhanced safety coordination:

  • Emergency readiness: floor plan integration allows for quick identification and location of key personnel during emergencies, ensuring swift action and better safety outcomes.
  • Clear role distribution: by displaying office functions in user profiles, admins ensure that all employees are aware of who holds critical roles, improving coordination and communication during emergencies.

Flexible role management:

  • Admins can assign and reassign roles as needed, adapting to changes in staff availability or office locations without significant disruption.
  • Admins can decide whether global or office-specific admins and potentially other employees can manage office functions, distribute responsibility, and improve efficiency.

Benefits for employees

Increased awareness and accountability

  • Users can manage their assigned roles directly within their personal settings, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership over their contributions to workplace safety.
  • With office functions clearly displayed in user profiles, all employees are aware of their and their colleagues' roles, enhancing mutual accountability and cooperation.

Improved coordination and communication

  • The daily office view integration allows users to see who is responsible for essential functions daily, promoting better communication and collaboration among staff.
  • Knowing the roles and locations of key personnel through floor plan integration helps users act efficiently in emergencies, ensuring a more coordinated response.
  • Users with the necessary access rights can add or remove office functions as needed, allowing for flexibility and adaptability in their roles.
  • By clearly understanding and controlling their roles, users are more engaged and proactive in contributing to workplace safety and compliance.

Overall organizational benefits

  • deskbird ensures companies comply with health and safety regulations, reducing risks and potential liabilities.
  • Quick identification and location of key personnel during emergencies enhance the overall safety of the workplace, leading to better outcomes in critical situations.
  • Clear role assignments and the ability for users to manage their functions foster a more organized, accountable, and motivated workforce, contributing to a positive and productive work environment.

deskbird's Office functions empower companies to efficiently manage health and safety roles within flexible office environments, enhancing compliance and overall safety. The new feature will be available starting from our Business plan.

With deskbird, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace has never been easier. Check back for more updates as we refine and expand this feature.

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