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9 workspaces for creativity & innovation


April 20, 2022


March 24, 2023

In light of the World Creativity and Innovation Day, introduced by the UN to better appreciate the creative economy and celebrated on April 21st, we have come up with a list of nine coworking spaces where creative working and innovative thinking are not only fostered, but very much at the center of their design, operations and communication! If you bubble with ideas or feel like getting inspired, these are probably for you:

1. MotionLab.Berlin


One of the co-founders originally wanted to build a bicycle, but in the end it became Berlin’s best equipped innovation hub and workspace for hardtech startups. MotionLab.Berlin’s six lab areas feature 3D printers and equipment for laser-cutting, electronics, textile, wood and metal. If you are into prototyping and hardtech, there is no better place to free your creativity than this workspace!

2. OfficeLAB Baslerpark

Broadcast lounge at OfficeLab Baslerpark
Broadcast lounge at OfficeLab Baslerpark

Talks and presentations have become even more prevalent in the last year, which is why the Office LAB coworking space in Zurich offers its users three studios: a broadcast lounge, streaming studio and a podcast studio! We love the idea and professional equipment, crew and fair prices!

3. Creative Space Zurich

It is probably no surprise that Creative Space with their two locations in Zurich and St. Gallen makes the list of most creative workspaces. Their workshop in Zurich is equipped with a large variety of the latest machines like a compressor, 3D printers and more tools to build pretty much anything. You can take materials like wood or others to get creative. A design company even came up with chairs there!

4. Wörking (Basel)

Wörkstatt (Copyright:

Creative already by name, the Wörking workspace features the so-called “Wörkstatt”, a wood and metal workshop area embedded in the coworking space. In addition, an atelier and makerspace invites all the creative minds to abandon their boundaries and to do whatever they feel like from drawing, painting, arting, crafting, sewing... There is no way you won’t feel inspired in this colorful and bright coworking space in Basel.

5. Spaces Werksviertel Munich

Spaces Werksviertel Munich
Spaces Werksviertel Munich (Copyright:

This inspiring coworking space describes themselves as an “amplifier for creativity” and we cannot wait to check them out soon. The red-brick building with its wide variety of open and private work locations offers the perfect place to get creative. Nested in Munich’s Berg am Laim neighborhood, Spaces Werksviertel is just waiting for you to fill their walls with innovative ideas!

6. Meeet (Berlin Mitte)

Meeet meeting room Berlin
Meeet meeting room Berlin

If meeting rooms look all the same to you, you haven’t checked Meeet’s offer in their coworking space in Berlin Mitte. Their conference rooms are named “Work” and “Think” and feature the best equipment and tools for makers and thinkers: next to the basics like a flipchart, post-its or beamer, you can also find a tool wall, hammer & nail and a punch bag to let off steam!

7. westhive Zurich

westhive rooftop kitchen
westhive rooftop kitchen (Copyright:

Sometimes, the best ideas are sparked over lunch or dinner with friends and colleagues. Thus, the westhive Zurich coworking space offers its guests a rooftop kitchen for events, cooking classes, kitchen battles, apéros and more! The adjacent rooftop terrace also serves perfectly for events, but if the weather doesn’t allow to stay outside, westhive has got you covered with their large living room. The perfect recipe for a creative session!

8. Nap Lab Bangkok

Nap Lab Bangkok
Nap Lab Bangkok (Copyright:

This coworking space is quite unusual as its declared objective is to get you to sleep on the job! Next to flexible desks and Japanese-style floor seating, it also features bunk beds for you to dream about your next business ideas and projects. If you are most creative when sleeping, this is probably the place to cowork for you!

9. Second Home Hollywood

Second home Hollywood
Second home Hollywood (Copyright:

If you are wondering what post-pandemic offices are going to look like, Second Home's Hollywood location gives a great preview! Its campus, or "urban forest" like they also named it, is made up of several glass offices in the midst of a lush, green garden all equipped with high-quality desks and healthy options to enjoy one's working (and break) time. This is the perfect place to get your brain cells working and to think outside of the box (or garden tent).

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9 workspaces for creativity & innovation


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