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A day in the life of a product marketing specialist: tips for a successful Product Hunt launch


May 4, 2023


December 28, 2023

An insider look at the strategies that made Product Hunt launch a hit

It has been a week since deskbird was launched on Product Hunt, and the excitement is still in the air. The project was a great success, with deskbird achieving the #2 product of the day and #5 product of the week with over 900 upvotes. And as for any big project, this required much hard work from the entire team.

Priyanshu Gautam

However, one person, in particular, accepted the challenge and got to work to make it happen: our mighty Product Marketing Specialist Priyanshu Gautam.

We sat with her for an after-project tell-all and to gather tips & tricks for a successful launch. 

1. Can you walk us through the day leading up to the launch of deskbird on Product Hunt? What were some of the last-minute preparations you made?

I focused on community building, engaging with different Telegram, WhatsApp, and Slack communities for support, and spreading the word about the launch. I also made sure the wider team had everything they needed to spread the word, with tailored communication kits and making sure they had ready-to-go profiles on the Product Hunt platform. I also reached out to companies that recently launched their products, asking for feedback and ideas. 

2. How did you feel when deskbird was finally launched on Product Hunt? Was there any anxiety leading up to the launch?

I felt pretty anxious, especially in the first hour of the launch. Those first moments were supercritical and a bit chaotic, with Slack and LinkedIn buzzing non-stop. However, seeing 100+ upvotes within a few minutes slightly relieved the stress. I also ensured that everything was ready well in advance to minimize any issues.

3. What early metrics did you see after launching on Product Hunt? Did anything surprise you?

To evaluate the success of a launch, it is important to track both the number of upvotes and comments and monitor competition through Product Wars to see how other companies are performing. I was just taken aback by the unpredictable algorithm of Product Hunt, despite having conducted extensive research beforehand.

4. How did you leverage the community on Product Hunt to drive engagement and user acquisition?

I dedicated some time to participate in discussions on the Product Hunt forum. I provided answers to questions and connected with people who interacted with them. Additionally, I initiated a few inquiries to stimulate engagement.

5. Can you tell us about any challenges or obstacles you faced during the launch of deskbird on Product Hunt? How did you overcome them?

Multitasking was a significant challenge, with me being part of so many communities and all of them going strong at the same time. It was also essential to make sure someone was actively replying to all the comments. This is especially true when your product is top-3 of the day within just a few hours: managing a product that rapidly gains traction, definitely requires some extra help.  

6. Do you have specific strategies for leveraging social media or other channels to drive traffic to your Product Hunt listing?

Due to time constraints, we didn't have a launch teaser on social media, but we still performed well. What mattered most was having support from the team and solid community engagement. The main focus was sending reminders to the team and keeping them on their toes for the day (so they would keep driving engagement to our product page).

7. Can you speak to how the launch of deskbird on Product Hunt will impact deskbird's growth and user acquisition over the long term?

Launching on Product Hunt will significantly impact deskbird's growth and user acquisition in the long term. Product Hunt is a massive community of SaaS makers and tech enthusiasts, with almost 4 million daily users and nearly 5 million newsletter subscribers. Looking at some KPIs we’ve been tracking since launch, we saw an increase in homepage engagement (with +60% in sessions on the day) and a +10% improvement in Linkedin page views.

8. What advice would you give to other product managers looking to launch their products on Product Hunt?

Extensive planning and a dedicated team are absolutely essential in this situation. To ensure a successful launch, it is crucial to start organizing at least 3-6 months in advance. Take the time to research what has worked for others and what hasn't, and connect with experienced makers who have had successful launches. Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions along the way. This will help you to be well-prepared and increase your chances of success. The success lies in minor details, from getting the tagline right to engaging with the community, organizing everything in nice and neat folders, and spreading the word. 

9. Looking back on the launch of deskbird on Product Hunt, is there anything you would have done differently?

I admit I didn't fully realize the importance of building a strong community. I've come to understand that it's a process that requires patience and can't be achieved quickly. My recommendation? Start early, focus on building and engaging with the community, and try multiple channels.

We can definitely say with confidence that the successful launch of deskbird on Product Hunt can be attributed to Priya's careful planning, the team's collaborative efforts, active participation in the community, and a keen focus on details. By utilizing these same strategies, other product managers can achieve comparable success and expand their user base on Product Hunt.