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Elevate your meeting experience with enhanced room booking!


April 11, 2024


April 11, 2024

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At deskbird, we've always been attentive to the evolving needs of our customers, pushing us to continually improve our Room Booking module and make it bigger, bolder, and stronger! 

Over the last few months, we've taken a transformative leap designed to revolutionize the process of booking meeting spaces for real estate and facility managers, tech aficionados, and everyone who is devoted to ensuring a hassle-free experience for both remote and office-based teams.

We know that finding the perfect meeting room can be problematic. So we've tackled this issue head-on. How? By refining our meeting room view and offering a better and clearer overview of available spaces. Now, with just a few clicks, you can filter rooms by floor or capacity, making it very easy to find the ideal spot for your gathering.

Another hassle you all mentioned to us: double bookings and incorrectly assigned spaces. Workplace managers often spend a significant amount of time, sometimes more than two hours per day, reallocating meetings due to double bookings of rooms or booking of rooms that are too large for the number of participants. This issue poses a significant challenge for workplace managers, causing unnecessary hassle and inconvenience. A real thorn in workplace managers' sides. 

Fear not - we have the solution! 

By clearly showing each room's capacity, we facilitate better space allocation, slash the time spent on manual scheduling, and eliminate overbooked or underused rooms.

Additionally, we have made participant availability and preferences more visible. Organizers can now include internal and external attendees, offering a transparent view of who's joining and from where. This promotes better planning, reduces unnecessary travel, and ensures meetings are held in the best locations.

Organizing meetings has also been simplified. Monday's meeting with the Sales Team, who works from home, and the Marketing Team, who is in the office?  It's easy with deskbird! 

The organizer can simultaneously schedule meetings for in-office and remote employees and book a meeting room. This allows all team members, whether in the office or remotely, to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Manage invites, add conference links, and add meeting details all in one place. No more toggling between platforms or empty meeting rooms!

In fact, our analytics will help companies understand how their space is being used. No more extra rent on unused office space for meeting rooms (which usually represent around 10-20% of the total office space). With deskbird, each meter (and cent) will be accounted for!

We're thrilled to introduce these enhancements to our Room Booking module, taking your workplace experience from good to great. 

Explore our enhanced module and stay tuned for more upcoming updates (like catering and service requests). 

Learn how to experience a more efficient, connected, and enjoyable workplace. 

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