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Embracing technology in the workplace: improving efficiency and collaboration


May 30, 2022


August 17, 2023

Who can spend a full day without having access to technology? Our guess would be very few people. We not only use it in our personal lives with smartphones, car GPS and connected watches, but we also rely on it in the office.  Technology in the workplace is reshuffling the way we work from top to bottom. In our professional environment, automation undoubtedly gets things done more quickly. However, there are many more benefits to a digital transformation. As the trends for the future of work predict, every modern company needs to be equipped with the right tools. Why are they so important? Which impact does technology have on a business and its success? Here is an overview of the main reasons why tech is changing the world of work for the best. 

The advantages of technology in the workplace for employees

Cutting down repetitive processes

Let’s be honest here, what’s worse than meaningless repetitive processes? Redundant work greatly affects employee engagement and retention, often in a negative way. Luckily, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are coming to the rescue to avoid monotonous operations as much as possible! Employees then have more time to focus on important tasks and tend to discover a greater purpose in their role. As we discussed in our post-pandemic workforce article, the Covid-19 crisis has pushed people to review their priorities. They are now looking at finding value in their daily work and using tech is a key way to help them reach this goal. 

Making hybrid work even more enjoyable

The move toward hybrid work is the biggest improvement for employees and companies over the last few years. The advantages of this work model are - almost - endless. However, some challenges also exist and digital resources are a great answer. Communication issues can be easily reduced through online solutions such as Zoom or Slack, for example. Hybrid collaboration is becoming easy through various tools like project management software, hot desking software or employee scheduling solutions

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Woman in red scarf and grey coat working on laptop from roof terrace
Woman working remotely from roof terrace.

Enhancing employee experience

For all companies, focusing on people-centricity is essential. An increasing number of organizations realize the importance and the impact of creating and collaborating with happy staff.  Providing the right tools, a digital transformation helps employees in many aspects of their work. As mentioned, reducing repetitive processes enables them to find a purpose in their job. It not only gives them more time for high-value projects and upskilling but also boosts their work-life balance

Improving productivity and performance

One of the main purposes of digital workplace technology is to grow productivity and performance rates. Thanks to automation, things get done faster. Access to smart workplace technology allows employees to accomplish their missions quicker, and ensure they are more engaged and efficient. Both the quantity and quality of the work improve because they spend more time on high-value tasks

Encouraging creativity using technology in the workplace

The rise of technology in the workplace widens the scope of possibilities. Sharing ideas becomes a lot easier thanks to fast and effective communication tools. Brainstorming sessions are simple with access to intuitive digital whiteboards. Is your hybrid team willing to work on-site for their common projects? Desk booking software allows them to book the meeting room or collaborative workspace of their choice with a few clicks. 

Enabling better communication and collaboration

As we just highlighted, communication tools need to serve a clear purpose. Hybrid work is not just a trend that will vanish, it is here to stay. This working model increases your chances of hiring talent from all around the world. However, coordination and communication are key points to focus on. Online communication technology gives teams the ability to collaborate easily without any issues decreasing their performance. 

Woman coding and organising tasks on online platform
Woman organising tasks on Trello

The impact of digital transformation from a business point of view

Ensuring more security

As hackers use technology to hack companies’ systems, businesses can also use it to avoid being hacked. The “zero-trust” concept supports businesses in maintaining a high level of online security for remote work. Tech strategies and tools become key allies for organizations to fight cyberattacks. 

Increasing your level of competition

Every business is using technology in each of its departments (marketing, HR, sales, etc.). It not only provides the tools to compete in your market but also to make a difference among your competitors. Stay updated about the new technology related to your industry that could help your workforce become more efficient and achieve a greater outcome. 

Minimizing risks of mistakes

We all make mistakes, robots don’t. Ok, this is a bit exaggerated, software bugs happen too (they usually occur because of human mistakes in their conception). However, the use of automation and Artificial Intelligence in the workplace can truly minimize the risk of human error. Virtual and immersive learning also plays a big role in reducing mistakes as it helps employees learn how to make the right decision. This is really important as 61% of human errors occur due to a lack of skills (source: Digital Transformation to Reduce Human Errors by Jonas Berge). 

Lowering company costs

Workplace technology supports you in saving money in many ways. For example, the concept of BYOD devices (Bring Your Own Device) allows businesses to cut their spending in terms of tech equipment. Hybrid workplace technology also encourages the development of remote work practices which leads to a smaller workspace capacity and lower real-estate costs. How many times have you arrived at the office realizing the light stayed on an entire night? With automation, you can also reduce your company’s bills! And the list goes on.

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Collaboration Tools Enhancing Technology in the Workplace
Woman working on laptop on in personal conference room.

Transforming HR practices for the best

Recruitment processes and people management are reaching another level with access to new technologies in the workplace. HR teams can open their job opportunities to applicants globally as there are no more location limits thanks to hybrid work. Most applicants are looking for hybrid opportunities in order to have a better work-life balance. Digital communication tools used by recruiters and candidates to perform digital interviews via video conference and virtual onboarding are skyrocketing! 

Growing profitability with digital transformation

This is no surprise yet we had to mention it. Business profitability automatically increases with digital transformation. Not only because your employees are delivering more in a shorter period of time but also because they are using their best skills and their interpersonal abilities more. Employees’ soft skills are very important for a company’s success and can actually improve ROI.

You now have a better overview of the reasons why technology in the workplace is so important and how it can impact your workforce and the company’s outcomes. How far are you in your digital transformation? At deskbird, we use innovative technology to help businesses embrace hybrid work by providing them with an employee-centric desk booking app. Because the tech sector offers endless possibilities, we continuously add new features to match your needs and deliver the best experience to your hybrid teams! Do you want to discover how it works? Request a free online demo today!

Embracing technology in the workplace: improving efficiency and collaboration

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