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3 tips for building hybrid workplace models


May 25, 2022


May 24, 2023

Establish a solid base

By creating a framework and choosing the right tools, you set the foundation for a successful hybrid office and happy workers!

Prepare your workforce

Before launching the flexible model, prepare your workforce at all levels so they can create meaningful expectations. Be prepared for questions of all kinds. 

Adapt your model

Especially when introducing a hybrid workplace concept for the first time, iteration is crucial. Based on continuous feedback from employees, optimise your flexible workplace model until it fits your needs!

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We know that there is no single best hybrid model that works for every company. There might be some best practices and hybrid work archetypes, but in the end it all comes down to your specific circumstances. Therefore, we have prepared a set of questions you should be prepared to answer when thinking about implementing a flexible workplace concept for your company.

  1. Which work locations would you like to include in your model?
    This depends on what tasks need to be accomplished and what goals have been set. Some options may be your office(s), home office, co-working spaces, or shared offices with other companies.

  2. Would you like to introduce the same hybrid workplace model for everyone in the company? Should it differ per department/team/person? What is the base framework and to what extent can the model be personalised?
  3. Are there any employees or projects/tasks where a hybrid workplace model might be more easily or more difficult to apply?
    Consider doing some interviews and gather feedback from your coworkers in order to answer this question.

  4. Do you have the right tools and support systems in place?
    In order to be successful, hybrid workplace models should be supported by the correct tools. For instance, many managers fear losing control and knowing what employees are accomplishing on a daily basis. However, appropriate tools like the deskbird system can even increase the degree of transparency, show office occupancy rates and lead to enhanced satisfaction of employees and workplace managers. Check out our hybrid workspace solution and learn more about how the right tool can render your hybrid workspace a success!
3 tips for building hybrid workplace models


Julia Dejakum is a skilled brand and marketing manager with a specialty in hybrid work solutions. Known for her innovative strategies, she expertly blends brand development with the nuances of remote and in-person work environments.

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