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June 22, 2022


December 28, 2023

Reserve a room, whenever you need and wherever you are.

You have a presentation tomorrow and forgot to book a meeting room? Or do you need last-minute space for a larger workshop group? A room-scheduling-software is the solution.

A room-schedule-software provides you with a digital calendar showing the occupation level of office or co-working spaces, which can be booked and reserved by e.g. employees. With such office scheduling softwares, companies are able to maintain a database for the purpose of office space and employee management. This can help you to utilize effectively and allocate fairly overcrowded or underutilized office space. 

Therefore, employees are able to book or reschedule rooms for meetings easily and save time to pursue other tasks.

3 Reasons why room-scheduling is so important

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1. Management of hybrid working employees

The pandemic has led to an increasing number of employees being able to work from home and the office. Especially in terms of hybrid work, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to avoid over occupying work space. Room planning is useful to determine the actual need and usage of space. If the online booking management system determines that office space is underutilized, rooms can be outsourced to e.g., coworking spaces, to cut costs. The functionality of spaces can also be modified to improve employee well-being as barely occupied rooms can be turned into quiet zones or be better equipped for digital meeting rooms.

2. Productivity increase

With room-scheduling, employees save time through simple booking processes and faster spotting other employees. In addition, productivity can be increased by avoiding interruptions and double bookings. Likewise, ad-hoc meetings can easily be held spontaneously in a room that fits the number of participants. Through a book-a-desk app, the office space can be simply booked instead of the inconvenient way of contacting the human resource-team or walking to the room in person to sign in the employee's name.

3. Simplicity is key to happy employees

Implementing the rooms and workstations into a table reservation tool, downloading the app and booking is intuitive to use and can be handled by anyone.

With an online booking management system, employees avoid a complicated search for a free work space and disturb no one at a meeting anymore. Additionally, in case a group does not show up even though they booked a room, it will be automatically unbooked. Office scheduling thus prevents unnecessary frustration and saves time.

The best table reservation software allows employees to check the availability of meeting rooms, to book them directly, detect and eliminate "ghost meetings" and transform unused space for employees' needs. Therefore, effective space planning is the secret sauce to solve all of these problems.

In the future, room planning will become even more important as the number of remote and hybrid employees increases. Organizations that provide customized room capacity, measure office room occupancy, and customize the room's functionality according to data and employee needs are going to create a great and highly productive working environment. A productive workplace and happy employees are key for the future of work!

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