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What will the work trends for 2022 look like? Our top 8 observations


June 27, 2022


May 24, 2023

The pandemic as well as the development of AI and other technologies has pushed workplaces to evolve a lot over the last years. 2021 is almost over and going fully back to the office is not on the map, and it might never be again. So what can we expect for the work trends in 2022? How will the workplace be in the future? And, most importantly, what do employees want in 2022? We give you a hint… if organisations want to succeed, a people-centric workplace is the way to go! Discover the 8 workplace trends for 2022 companies will have to consider in the upcoming year.

1. Avoiding the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is a phenomenon that consists of a high employee turnover as well as a workforce shortage. People look for a better work-life balance, they want to be recognised for their skills and work for companies to whom they feel connected.

This results in a workforce that is not scared anymore to leave a job, even though they didn't find another one yet. The expansion of hybrid models can decrease labour shortage as people have the opportunities to apply for any global company and work remotely. Therefore, one of the main challenges for organisations in 2022 will be to find solutions to increase employee retention.

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2. Focusing on employees’ wellbeing and benefits

One of the major evolutions in the corporate trends for 2022 is the human-centric culture. It is also a key solution against the Great Resignation we’ve just talked about. Employees are looking for companies where they are valued as much as their skills. For this reason, organisations that put their team members first, and answer their needs, will have a better chance to be successful. Answering their needs include for example being more considerate towards working parents, or providing better healthcare programs.

employee reporting day
Employee wellbeing

3. Developing the hybrid work concept

Part of the changes that currently take place and will continue to happen in 2022 is the development of the hybrid work concept. This modern office model is one of the main answers to employees’ needs in terms of work-life balance.Yet, most companies will implement this pattern as it is an important criterion for their collaborators. It also represents a major advantage to attract new talents and, sometimes, reduce costs.

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4. Promoting flexible work

On top of allowing their employees to work from home, companies might also offer them the choice to work when they want. This can increase the productivity level of the whole workforce as well as help the Human Resources departments to hire new collaborators from all around the world. Location and time difference will not be a problem anymore enabling them to focus more on skills and values.

Therefore, it is even more likely to see flexible working trends appearing within companies next year. Hybrid work combined with flexible schedules is the perfect proof that employees’ experience and wellbeing will be at the top of companies’ concerns in 2022. 

5. Improving the remote work experience

Remote work has a lot of advantages for staff members and companies. However, it also shows some challenges such as communication issues, creation of silos and exclusion problems. If not taken into account, they can have serious consequences on the employees’ experience and therefore, on the company’s results.

As going back to the office is not an option for many organisations, finding solutions to overcome remote working matters will be one of the main focuses in 2022. 

6. Embracing the use of technology and software automation

Some companies face the workforce shortage by getting helped by automation technologies and Artificial Intelligence. This situation has forced them to reinvent their way of doing their job. Chatbots are a great example of this new pattern of the future of work. Technologies help to embrace the modern ways of working with solutions to upcoming challenges. 

From AI tools to technologies for new business models such as hybrid work companies, the trend for digital solutions will certainly blow in 2022. For instance, desk booking apps like deskbird will be a great answer to hybrid workplace management issues.

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AI Robot
AI Robot

7. Upskilling of the current workforce

With all those changes and new ways of working, employees continuously need to adapt. However, adaptability also involves retraining or giving them the opportunity to learn new skills to unleash their full potential. The development of hybrid models reinforces the importance of soft skills for example. Abilities such as teamwork, leadership, communication and obviously, adaptability will be even more researched and valued.

Here again, digital learning will have a big role to play within companies. Online course creation is already widely spread among some corporations and will continue to grow as an ideal upskilling tool.

Good To know: PWR estimates that 40% of the US workforce will need up to 6 months of reskilling by 2025. 

woman biting on pencil
Woman working remotely

8. Putting ESG issues at the centre of companies’ strategies

Last but not least, the pandemic has expanded global issues and pushed people to pay more attention to Environmental, Social and Governance matter. This movement does remain in the private life circle, people also observe how corporations act on those problems.

Companies that elaborate strategies towards those challenges show their commitment to the values of positive workplace culture. Yet, employees are more eager to be engaging and support an organisation that stands for ESG issues. This aspect is also a criterion that is more and more important for Generation Z and Millennials who are looking for new opportunities.

Summary of the Workplace Trends 2022

  • The work trends 2022 all have one common point: putting employees first ;
  • The employees’ wellbeing will be a priority to avoid the Great resignation ;
  • Today’s workers and, more particularly Generation Z and Millenials are more eager to look for corporations trying to tackle ESG issues and value their skills ;
  • Hybrid models and flexible schedule will keep expanding as an answer to the pandemic related issues, the workforce’ wellbeing and the Great Resignation ;
  • HR will have to evolve and adapt to those new concepts
  • Technological breakthroughs will continue to make their way into corporate daily lives while helping companies to be more efficient. 

As the flexible schedule model increases, this new year will not only be marked by the “where to work” trend, but also by when to work. The workplace trends 2022 will also be focusing a lot more on employees’ wellbeing and new automation softwares. We are happy to see that the deskbird desk booking software is already answering the needs of the future of work and we are looking forward to help your company to embrace those corporate evolutions!

What will the work trends for 2022 look like? Our top 8 observations

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