Common Surface and deskbird join forces

Common Surface and deskbird join forces

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March 1, 2023

Common Surface and deskbird aim to create a workspace experience that people love. So it is natural that the two companies are teaming up to make hybrid working as efficient and simple as possible. Sam Tucker, CEO and Co-Founder of Common Surface, will join the deskbird team to ensure a smooth transition for existing customers. 

Who is Common Surface

Common Surface was a UK-based company that offered a flexible workplace solution for organizations of all sizes. It would enable managers, teams and individuals to coordinate their remote and in-office work days efficiently. Employees could see who was in the office, and managers were able to analyze how much office space they needed and how teams were collaborating in person. Like deskbird, the software could be integrated into various platforms, such as HR systems, Calendars or Slack, with deskbird additionally offering an MS Teams integration.

Partnering with deskbird

The two companies have decided to move all operations to deskbird, a Swiss workplace management company that offers an intuitive solution for resource booking, week planning, and workplace analysis. The team is dedicatedly working on ensuring a smooth transition for Common Surface customers and integrating the product's most valuable features. By implementing these changes, deskbird will become an even more powerful workplace management software, offering heightened functionality, innovative features, and improved customer support. 

We are beyond excited that Common Surface has decided to join forces with deskbird. This accelerates our growth in the UK and helps us build a new global standard for workspace management. UK and Ireland are already our second-strongest market behind the DACH region. As we onboard new customers to deskbird, we are also gaining valuable industry insights that will undoubtedly fuel our success and propel us forward.

Ivan Cossu, CEO and co-founder of deskbird

About deskbird

deskbird offers a people-centric workplace management software for hybrid companies. Employees schedule their week, see who is in the office and book desks in just two clicks at any time and from anywhere. Workplace managers have access to (workforce) analytics, including office occupancy and consumption statistics, helping them create a seamless work experience that employees love.

deskbird is one of Europe's fastest-growing SaaS startups. Schaeffler, Heineken, Decathlon, Knauf, Red Bull and many more companies trust deskbird to keep their employees happy and productive.