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deskbird extends its software with new health & safety check feature

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January 18, 2022

With the new health & safety check feature, deskbird supports companies in handling verification quickly and easily - and in conjunction with workplace booking. Thus, employees must also indicate their vaccination or convalescent status when booking their desk in the office. If someone is neither recovered nor vaccinated, the presence of a negative test must be confirmed for the period of the booking. This eliminates the need for individual on-site checks - minimizing the time and effort required for verification. Individual verification rules can also be defined for each company location. Only specially defined administrators have the right to enter the vaccination or convalescent status of employees and the associated expiration date in the deskbird software. This guarantees data protection.

Only employees with health records are allowed into the office

Unlike other providers, deskbird not only provides a check feature, but combines it with the existing SaaS booking solution. Companies can set individual rules on what proof is needed to book a workstation and check it using deskbird's software. At the same time, employees agree to the respective company policies when booking a workstation. The central and data protection-compliant management of proof of vaccination, convalescence and testing thus saves time and resources.

Hybrid working is the future

With deskbird's software, companies organize their free workstations without much effort and give their employees the option of a flexible way of working. The workstation is booked via app in just two clicks. They can then see which of their colleagues will be working in the office on the same day. This creates space for socializing and strengthens mutual trust as well as the bond with the company. Above all, employees who have problems with the rigid work model of the open-plan office are given the option of hybrid working through deskbird.

Due to the pandemic, offices and workspaces in companies were not used and continue to incur costs that do not add value. In 2017, the average cost of a workspace was €8,000*. Therefore, many companies are downsizing offices and want to optimize office usage - no longer a problem with deskbird.

*Source: Facility Manager. The Office Cost Report 2017

About deskbird

As the leading workplace management app, deskbird offers a people-centric solution for hybrid companies. Employees can see who is in the office, schedule their office and work-from-home days, and book desks in 2 clicks only. Workplace managers get a birds-eye view of statistics like office occupancy and consumption, helping them to create a flexible workplace experience that employees love. Powering the workplaces of tomorrow, deskbird is one of Europe's fastest-growing SaaS startups. Schaeffler, Heineken, KFC, Knauf, Volksbank, and many more trust deskbird to keep their employees happy and productive.