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deskbird released its MS Teams integration

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November 3, 2021

Nowadays, accessing your softwares on mobile and web apps is a necessity. With deskbird aiming to offer users a sleek design, an intuitive user interface, significant features, fast implementation, and many companies utilizing MS Teams internally, the next step was clear. To make working hybrid even more efficient, the team developed a MS Teams integration. Users and admins can access the shared desk solution directly in MS Teams, making desk bookings easier and faster due to users not having to switch between tools any longer. 

The available features in the deskbird MS Teams integration

The MS Teams integration was first introduced in 2021 and has been regularly updated. The deskbird add-on looks very similar to the web app, with the same features and design, but is accessed directly in MS Teams. Employees can book desks, schedule their week, and see who is in the office. Admins can easily view office usage and (workforce) statistics. Notifications, like booking confirmations or cancellations, check-in reminders or calendar invites are received directly in MS Teams as well. Same functionality, but one less app to worry about.

Working hybrid is the future

deskbird facilitates the coordination of desk sharing by providing employees with flexible working arrangements. Desks are booked in just two clicks via mobile app, web app, MS Teams, and Slack. Colleagues can schedule their week accordingly to see where their team members will be working from - whether at home, in the office, or remotely. This allows employees to meet in person, strengthening trust, improving collaboration, facilitating social interactions, and establishing a better workplace connection. On top of that, it increases productivity and employee satisfaction. By using deskbird, employees and managers benefit from the advantages of a hybrid working model.

About deskbird

deskbird is the leading software for workplace management, providing a comprehensive solution for hybrid businesses. With its fast and intuitive user experience, anyone can see who is in the office and when, plan their week and book a desk in just two clicks.

deskbird is one of Europe’s fastest-growing SaaS startups and has already been chosen by more than 5,000 offices worldwide. Customers like Schaeffler, Unicef, Vitra, Heineken, and Thyssenkrupp trust deskbird to manage desk sharing, coordinate employees' return to the office, optimize space requirements, and save costs on rent and energy.


Julia Dejakum is a skilled brand and marketing manager with a specialty in hybrid work solutions. Known for her innovative strategies, she expertly blends brand development with the nuances of remote and in-person work environments.

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