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Collaboration made easy: deskbird releases the latest updates to the Slack integration

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May 11, 2023

May 2023 - After successfully launching the deskbird MS Teams integration in 2021, companies using Slack instead of MS Teams have asked for an integration with their preferred communication tool. deskbird has heard its customers’ needs and recently launched the Slack integration after months of work. Now, users and admins can access the shared desk solution directly in Slack, making desk bookings easier, faster, and more efficient since users no longer have to switch between numerous tools. 

What features does the deskbird Slack integration include?

The deskbird Slack integration includes scheduling one’s week, booking updates, and check-ins. More features will be added at a later stage. Users can notify colleagues about their whereabouts by setting their status to, e.g., in the office, remote, or travel. If users have booked a desk via the web app, they can be notified directly in Slack. They will receive notifications about successful or canceled bookings, regardless of whether they have made or canceled the booking themselves or a manager did it for them. Additionally, if a company has enabled a check-in option, users can check in to their bookings in Slack. They will receive a check-in reminder with a handy Check in now button, facilitating the process and preventing missed check-ins.

However, the team is working tirelessly on bringing even more special deskbird features to Slack. 

The future of work is hybrid

deskbird helps companies coordinate desk sharing by offering employees the flexibility they desire while working. Desks are booked in just two clicks via mobile app, web app, MS Teams, and Slack*. Colleagues can schedule their week accordingly to see where their team members will be working from - whether in the office, at home, or remotely. Giving employees a genuine chance to meet in person strengthens their mutual trust, facilitates socializing, improves collaboration, and enhances workplace connection. Above all, employee satisfaction and productivity are increased. With deskbird, the whole company - employees and managers alike - can benefit from hybrid working models. 

*Currently, Slack notifications will only be sent to users who have made a booking in the web app. Slack users will be able to book desks directly in future releases. 

About deskbird

deskbird offers a people-centric workplace management software for hybrid companies. Employees schedule their week, see who is in the office and book desks in just two clicks at any time and from anywhere. Workplace managers have access to (workforce) analytics, including office occupancy and consumption statistics, helping them create a seamless work experience that employees love.

deskbird is one of Europe's fastest-growing SaaS startups. Schaeffler, Heineken, Decathlon, Knauf, Red Bull and many more companies trust deskbird to keep their employees happy and productive.