From evaluation to elevation: how Testbirds chose deskbird

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From evaluation to elevation: how Testbirds chose deskbird

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June 1, 2022


Real Users. Real Devices. Real Impact.

Founded in 2011, the software company Testbirds' mission is to help companies develop high-quality digital products that users love. To do so, they make use of the concept of crowdtesting. Digital products are tested, down to the smallest detail, by users from relevant target groups to get real feedback on the product. This allows companies to optimize the usability or user experience of their products before they are released, so that consumers are satisfied right from the start.


Who is in the office and who is working from home?

The Covid pandemic has changed our daily lives in countless areas, and it also required an adjustment in the way that Testbirds works. Employees could no longer come to the office every day, but were mainly working from home. And for people who continued to sometimes work in the office, it was imperative that their workspace location was tracked so that contact tracing was possible in case of emergency. At the beginning of the pandemic, attendance at the Testbirds office was recorded using Excel-spreadsheets, which on the one hand served its purpose, but on the other hand was too inconvenient and outdated. And now, after the pandemic, Testbirds still works with an adapted work model: Employees who are regularly in the office have a dedicated workspace. However, employees who are only in the office every once in a while, work at a different desk every time. And the challenge in this? Always being up to date and knowing who is working from where, and what equipment is available at which desk. 


The introduction of deskbird

Two providers were closely evaluated at Testbirds, and after sufficiently reviewing the alternatives, the company decided on deskbird. The decisive factors were, in particular, the possibility to note down the available equipment at each desk, and deskbird’s modern design. Furthermore, it was important to Testbirds to be able to easily track and see at one glance who is sitting where. The accurate illustration of the room layout, the possibility to favor certain desks and the selection of favorite colleagues were also essential features. Obviously, the similarity of names of Testbirds and deskbird might have influenced the final decision a little bit as well. As Testbirds already notes on their website: Birds fly better together.

The implementation of deskbird went swiftly and smoothly. Due to the used demo, the desired requirements quickly became clear and positive feedback was obtained within a few weeks. Since deskbird can be integrated into MS Teams, it wasn’t necessary to train employees over an extended time period, instead everything could be discussed in a short meeting. 


The implementation of deskbird went swiftly and smoothly.



Increased efficiency

Testbirds mainly works with MS Teams, and since deskbird can be integrated into MS Teams, it is quick and easy to use. It is no longer necessary to open additional Excel-spreadsheets and look for the correct columns to display who is working from where. With deskbird, the day can be planned with 1 click or the entire week with 5 clicks.

Constant improvement

deskbird continuously develops new features that make the app easier to use or enable new use cases. This is something Testbirds greatly appreciates, as the company can always rely on deskbird to pick up on new requirements. For example, the Covid screening feature enabled employees to add their vaccination status, which made it much easier to monitor and track.

From evaluation to elevation: how Testbirds chose deskbird