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Discover all the advantages of a hybrid workplace solution


September 20, 2021


April 10, 2024

At deskbird, we provide you with a hybrid workplace solution that unlocks the potential of a hybrid workplace. If you are only at the start of setting up your hybrid workplace or would like to learn more about it, check out this article about the future workplace. If you are willing to implement a hybrid work model, but don’t know where to start, we also got you covered with our playbook presenting the BIRD-Framework

Now let us introduce you to all the features the deskbird solution provides:

1. Desk and room booking

Enable your employees to book desks or other rooms in your own office on the easy deskbird app. Bookings can be completed for hourly lengths or full days. Availability is updated in real-time. Your employees can freely pick the desk they would like to sit at and choose who to sit next to. This allows project teams to work together, but also fosters mingling and office culture.

2. Real-time office insights

As the workplace manager, you will receive access to a workplace analytics web-based system. You can check occupancy rates and other metrics as well as identify trends to define your optimal office setup.

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In-person meeting

3. Office planning & health checks

Employees can plan their office and home office days via the deskbird app. If required, deskbird allows for an “approval by managers” function. In addition, you can enable regular health check questionnaires employees have to fill out before coming back to the office. Hereby you can ensure a safe return to on-site working.

4. Culture boost with coffee and lunch dates

After months of working remotely, office culture has changed. Foster mingling of your employees, integrate new arrivals better and boost networking through deskbird’s coffee matching or “meet the CEO” features. On a regular basis (timing can be defined by you), your employees who is on-site will be randomly paired up for quick coffee breaks. You can also install the function that your workforce is matched with your CEO (or other executives) for short meetings.

5. Workplace analytics

Get real-time insights into your office(s)’ occupancy rates and utilisation. This helps you to plan capacity ahead in time and know how much office space you really need. Get full control and transparency over your hybrid office.

6. Coworking on demand

If enabled, this feature allows your employees to not only book desks and rooms in your own office(s), but also in external coworking spaces. 

➡️ Want to learn more? Request a demo of the deskbird app to discover the perks of desk booking software and other essential features to improve employee experience!