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Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work and its Advantages

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August 25, 2022

When it comes to work locations, the recent pandemic has faced us with boundaries and opportunities likewise. Home office has replaced the daily visit to our offices for many: delight for some, wormwood for others! But as time passed by, we realized that there are perks and downsides to both working from home as well as going to the office daily. Thus, we strongly believe that the future of work is going to be hybrid!

What is a hybrid work model?

A hybrid work model (or flexible work concept) consists of a combination of working in the company office and remote work, be it from home or elsewhere such as from coworking spaces. There are innumerable variations of combining these concepts, but we have gathered the most common hybrid work archetypes in this article. One of the most prevalent ones is working in the office for 3 days a week and working from home for 2 days a week. However, this might totally depend on the circumstances, your industry, company culture and everyone’s personal preferences.

At its core, a hybrid workplace model tries to capture all the benefits different work locations may offer whilst reducing downsides to a minimum. 

Offices must be equipped with the right tools and spaces.

Offices, to begin with, are the most traditional work location for many of us. They are great for social interaction, team work, learning from others, but also allow us to clearly start and finish our work day. Whilst these perks are only touching the surface, working from home has become a reality for many during the pandemic.

Multiple studies have proven the benefits of home office, such as increased productivity, less stress, better compatibility of job and family life as well as work life balance, time gain due to the shorter way to one’s desk. Nevertheless, working from home can also make the distinction between one’s job and private life harder. In addition, employees report missing social interactions and the exchange with their coworkers. Thus, neither the office nor one’s desk at home are ideal in the long-run.

Next to home office, working in co-living or co-working spaces is another possibility for everyone looking for a more social option. Their advantages range from increased productivity and creativity, huge flexibility and cost savings to benefitting from the co-working or -living community to increase one’s network and to collaborate with like-minded people.

As we can see, there are up- and down sides to every work location. Thus, hybrid workplace models combine these. More concretely, employers allow their employees to work from several locations for different periods of time.

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What are the advantages of hybrid work models?

  1. Meet the needs of all your employees
    One thing is for sure:  your employees’ needs differ. Thus, no static workplace model will make your workers equally happy. Hybrid workplace concepts are great because they can be individually tailored to everyone’s needs and wishes whilst providing a framework and tool for supervision.
  2. A more satisfied and happier workforce
    Given that every employee can choose a work location concept that fits them best, satisfaction and happiness at work is bound to increase productivity for your company.
  3. Employer competitive advantage
    Being an attractive employer and both retaining existing employees as well as attracting new ones is crucial. By implementing a hybrid workplace model, companies can improve their desirability throughout generations.
  4. Lower office costs
    Through optimizing your work location use, you can save on office costs and manage occupancy, work satisfaction and much more! Some tools even feature very easy ways to see how much you can save.
  5. Added value for all parties
    Both employees and employers can benefit from a hybrid workplace concept. Whilst employees get the opportunity to be more flexible and satisfied, employers enjoy increased productivity and efficiency.

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Hybrid Work and its Advantages