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February 15, 2023


June 16, 2023

The ABC of hot desking

Hot desking has taken the modern workplace by storm as a popular and versatile concept, offering organizations increased flexibility and adaptability in their work environment.

With the rise of remote work and hybrid work models, hot desking has emerged as a flexible solution for modern-day workforces. In this article, we will take you on a journey into the depths of hot desking, covering everything from its basic definition to its implementation in the workplace.

But wait, that's not all! We will also dish out some spicy and surprising facts about hot desking that will leave you astonished.

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a) What's hot desking?

Hot-desking is a workspace arrangement within an organization where various individuals utilize desks on a flexible, as-needed basis at different times. This system is designed to optimize space utilization and minimize real estate exposure by eliminating excess office space.

b)How does hot desking work?

It's simple. Instead of having a fixed desk or workspace, employees reserve a workspace through a booking system. This means they can choose where to work based on their daily tasks, making their work environment more adaptable and dynamic.

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c) How to implement it?

There are several ways of implementing this model, including hot desking softwares that enable employees to reserve a desk in advance or through a first-come, first-served system. Employees can also access work files and applications from any computer or device, making working from anywhere more accessible.

Hot desks in the workplace are a great way to collaborate with your colleagues, but planning and consideration go a long way.

Here are a few steps you can follow to get started:

  1. Ensure your office has enough room to accommodate hot desks. Consider any changes you should make to your office layout.
  2. Choose a hot desking software: Many options are available, so choosing one that fits your company's needs is essential.
  3. Create a hot desking policy: Clearly outline the rules and guidelines for hot desking, such as how to reserve a desk and clean up afterward.
  4. Provide training and support to your employees so they can effectively use hot desking software and understand what rules to follow.
  5. Monitor and evaluate: Regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your hot desking implementation, and make any necessary changes.

Implementing hot-desking in the workplace can be challenging.

Planning and assessing office layout, technology infrastructure, and employee needs are essential. For example, ensuring that employees have access to the necessary equipment and resources and that the office is set up for collaboration.

Choosing the right workplace management app is essential for an easy transition to hot desking. And deskbird is an excellent option for hybrid work companies looking to implement hot desking. With its powerful features, deskbird provides a complete solution for managing your workplace needs. deskbird's intuitive desk booking system allows employees to book desks, meeting rooms, and other resources quickly and easily. It is the go-to platform for managing flexible working offices.

Moreover, deskbird ensures that your workplace is well-equipped to support hot desking. It allows you to track desk usage and optimize available resources. Its robust analytics features provide insights into how employees use the office, enabling you to make data-driven decisions about workplace management.

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10 surprising facts about hot desking

Having gained a firm grasp on how to initiate hot desking in your workplace, it's time to delve into some fascinating facts that shed light on the significance of this work model.

Here's a list of 10 facts about hot desking you (probably) didn't know:

  1. Hot desking can increase productivity: Studies have shown that it enables employees to work from anywhere in the environment of their choice.
  2. Hot desking can improve work-life balance: Hot desking allows employees to work from home or other locations, improving their work-life balance and reducing the need for a long commute.
  3. Hot desking saves companies money: By reducing the number of desks they need to provide, companies can save on office space and facilities.
  4. Hot desking can improve collaboration: By encouraging employees to work in different office areas, hot desking can improve collaboration and increase opportunities for cross-departmental teamwork.
  5. Hot desking can increase creativity: By exposing employees to new environments and ideas, hot desking can increase creativity and encourage innovative thinking.
  6. Hot desking can reduce absenteeism: By allowing employees to work from home or other locations, hot desking can reduce absenteeism and increase employee satisfaction.
  7. Hot desking can be more environmentally friendly: By reducing the number of desks needed in an office, hot desking can reduce the environmental impact of office space and improve sustainability.
  8. Hot desking requires a strong culture: Implementing hot desking requires a strong company culture that supports flexibility and trust.
  9. Hot desking requires a strong technology infrastructure: Hot desking requires a strong technology infrastructure, including reliable Wi-Fi and access to work files and applications from any device.
  10. Hot desking is not for everyone: While it can be an excellent solution for some companies, it may not be suitable for everyone, and it's essential to assess whether it's the right fit for your workplace.
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In conclusion, hot desking is an excellent way for companies to embrace the hybrid work model and promote productivity, work-life balance, and cost savings.

However, choosing the right workplace management app is essential to ensure a successful transition. deskbird is an excellent option for hybrid work companies. It provides powerful features, flexible pricing, and intuitive booking systems, making it easy to implement hot desking and stay on top of your hybrid work needs.