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November 24, 2021


June 16, 2023

Are you part of a hybrid business? That is great news because this is what the future of work will look like. Hybrid work and flexibility have so many advantages that more and more companies are embracing these concepts! However, how many times have you come to the office planning to get an important task done but realise your colleague is working from home that day? When it comes to hybrid management, having a clear view of who is working from the office, and when, is essential. From a Human Resourcesmanager’s and employee’s point of view, a transparent and organised calendar is key to better collaboration, communication and productivity. Also, your company’s hybrid work policy may require your workers to come at least 10 days on-site per month, for example. How do you smartly plan your schedule then? The following are only a few of the issues an employee scheduling software can solve. Read on to discover why your workforce is going to love this week planning feature!

Employee scheduling software and productivity

Plan your weekly calendar within a few clicks only

A few years ago, most of us did not have the option of planning our schedules ourselves. In the old working model, being at the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily was simply the norm. However, we are now embracing New Work and welcoming hybrid work as a core pillar of the modern workplace. Employees can now decide when to go to the office. Some can simply come when they need, others have to follow a hybrid work policy requiring them to come a few days a week or a month. How often you have to be on-site doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you now can schedule your own calendar. An employee scheduling software gives you a quick and easy solution to do so. Once you and your collaborators are all set, you only need a few clicks (1 click per day) to plan your work week! This is that simple.

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Make changes from anywhere

Unplanned events happen all the time. How many times have you forgotten about a medical appointment you booked a long time ago? Which parent has never requested to work from home because their child is sick? What about when an important client is telling you at the last minute that she is in town? You definitely want to reschedule your week and come to the office even though it wasn’t planned initially. We’ve all been through situations when we need to rethink our hybrid schedules. This highlights the advantages of a workforce scheduling tool. Your employees can move adjust their calendars from their laptops or their mobile phones from anywhere and at any time.

Integrate the employee scheduling software into your favourite tools

All the work trends show that the future of work is based on a people-first culture. To help companies create a hybrid workplace with an employee-centric approach, each feature we develop is thoroughly conceived focusing on your workforce’s needs. Therefore, to improve productivity and time optimisation, the integration of the employee scheduling software with other operating systems is a must. All data is directly synchronised to your communication platforms and HR systems. Your employees can then plan their week from MS Teams or Slack, for example. An important meeting has just been arranged over a Slack channel? No need to open another app or your calendar, in a few clicks you can plan to come to the office on that morning. This asset simply makes your favourite tools even better! 

Desk set up with keyboard, ipad calendar, and notebook
Desk set up with keyboard and calendar

Week planning features and employee well-being

Share key information about your workplace needs

In order to constantly improve the workplace experience, it is key for companies to understand how employees use the workspace. Are people coming to the office in the mornings more than in the afternoons? Would they rather work a full day on-site or split it into two half days? By using an employee scheduling app, administrators can collect and analyse key data. This, in combination with the observations made according to the desk booking habits of the employees, helps businesses support their needs better. It is also financially beneficial, providing cost-saving opportunities. According to the outcomes of the analysis, some workspace changes may indeed be made to save money. Those savings can then be invested in other key aspects of the company, like employee well-being, for example.

Reduce Zoom Fatigue thanks to a week planning feature

Zoom fatigue is a direct consequence of remote work and the increasing time we spend on screens. Indeed, while working from home has many advantages, it also has some downsides. With a week planning feature, your employees have a clear vision of the days spent ‘on screen’ (at home) and those at the office. They can therefore apply this solution to overcome virtual fatigue: balancing in-person and digital meetings. Workers can quickly have an overview of their week or month and observe if the balance between days at the office and days on screen is appropriate. If not, they can reshuffle their calendar to decrease online work and hopefully virtual exhaustion.

Improve your work-life balance

With a quick glimpse, your workers have a better overview of their calendar and how to organise their time and activities accordingly. One of the main benefits of implementing a hybrid work model is offering more flexibility to your workforce. As mentioned before, employee scheduling software allows them to reshuffle their schedule easily when their child is sick, for example. By using such a tool, they can manage their professional and private life with one click. It lowers stress, is simple to use and can be quickly accessed from a doctor’s waiting room or your living room!

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One man and one women with notebooks and laptops having a discussion
Employees working together on a project

Workforce scheduling app and collectivity

Identify open slots within seconds

How do your employees know when there is availability for them to come to the office? In a hybrid working model, providing them with a tool to quikly check which open slots are available is essential. Indeed, being sure to have a desk when your workforce needs it is a must in a flexible model. This is why, like what the interactive floor plan does with space management, the employee self-scheduling tool provides  a rapid overview of the office time-slots availabilities. Employees identify open slots quickly, then book those that match their needs the most. With the deskbird app, people can now choose who they will work next to and when to come in to share ideas with their favourite teammate!

Say yes to more employee interactions

With hybrid work, meeting colleagues can sometimes get tricky and knowing when your team members are on-site becomes essential. This is not only necessary to maintain a good workplace culture, but also to perform and succeed collectively. People that are working together on the same goal  often prefer to come on-site on similar days. Collaboration then becomes easier. They can book a desk next to each other or a conference room for a few hours to focus on this project and get things done. 

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Find out the best times to meet with your colleagues

One of the main advantages of using an employee scheduling software is for your collaborators to find out when their team members or other colleagues are also coming to the office. However, this is not only great in terms of productivity. The opportunity to know when your team members are on-site also helps to maintain a great corporate culture and encourages interaction. We speak with our co-workers most of the workday and therefore, can becomes great friends. So how great is it to know when they plan to go to the office and work with them in real life from time to time? It doesn’t only reduce the feeling of inclusion but also creates a more positive workplace culture.

desk with laptop, notebook, printed pages and a coffee cup
Hybrid work set up with laptop.

Our goal is to make hybrid work easy for companies and employees while also fulfiling the needs that are a product of adapting to the new ways of working. Technology is more present in our professional lives  and largely supports us in  becoming more efficient and productive. Therefore, innovations such as week planning features are no surprise. Not only are they highly valuable for HR management, but they also help employees make the best of hybrid work. We hope this article gives you a clear idea how an employee scheduling software can increase employee experience, productivity, collaboration and interactions.


Paulyne is a hybrid work specialist, who writes about sustainability, flexible work models and employee experience.

Employee scheduling software | Let’s plan and get organised