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Hybrid workplace technology: key info & tools


January 31, 2023


December 28, 2023

What do you think is the most important hybrid workplace technology? Although it depends on your company and your workers’ needs, there are a few tools that are an absolute must when implementing a flexible work model. With people working in the office, others at home, and some in a different time zone, how do you keep track of who is working where and when? Do your remote employees often complain that they don’t get answers from colleagues on time or can’t access the documents they need? Well, these are just some examples of problems that can arise when a hybrid work strategy is lacking. In the long run, these setbacks can have the opposite effect on work flexibility. In other words, instead of improving employee well-being, engagement, and satisfaction, it can lead to stress, frustration, and a decrease in productivity. An effective response to many of these issues is to have a hybrid working toolkit. First, we recommend compiling staff feedback, collecting data, and analyzing areas needing progress. Second, we suggest you read the following article. As flexible work experts, we share why the support of modern technology is essential and the most important tools to have.

What is a hybrid workplace?

Hybrid schedule

Many companies are maintaining some flexibility despite the fact that we could all go back to the office five days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It’s either because employees are requesting it, as the latest remote work statistics show, or because they have realized the advantages of hybrid work

Hybrid scheduling allows your team members to work from anywhere. They can choose to be in the office, at home, or in a third workplace. Every organization is different and has unique requirements. According to your hybrid work policy, people can either come on-site only a few days a week or a month. It depends on your company's and employees’ needs. 

Flexible working hours

Another type of flexible work arrangement is flexitime. With this model, workers don’t have a fixed schedule and decide when they work. They simply have to complete their required tasks and number of hours. Some of us are more productive in the morning while others start the day slowly and have a bunch of tremendous ideas popping into our heads later on in the day. Considering these differences is not only great for productivity, but it is also an excellent approach to improving work-life balance

Flexible hours allow for attending the boxing class that they wanted to go to for so long but that takes place every Monday in the morning. Parents can pick up their kids from school and spend some quality time with them. And because we are all humans and all have moments when we are feeling down, a flexible hours system gives employees the opportunity to recharge and be even more efficient later!

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How does hybrid workplace technology help you embrace all the benefits of work flexibility?

Quickly and easily solve scheduling conflicts 

Hybrid work requires having a well-organized system for planning.  Recurring scheduling conflicts can create stress and frustration, contradicting the main goal of flexibility, which is to improve satisfaction and work-life balance. You and your team need to know who is working where and when. 

For example, if an employee knows their teammate is planning to go on-site on Wednesday next week, they can book a workspace for that same day. But what if this employee makes a last-minute change and switches to Friday? With a hybrid workplace management platform like deskbird, your workers can see their peers’ updated timetables and modify theirs with a few clicks if necessary!

Avoid confusion and miscommunication

As a leader, how do you keep track of who is working where, and when? To foster collaboration and productivity, you have to know this information. Using workplace technology designed for hybrid businesses is fundamental to having a clear overview of your team’s timetable. You will know which day they booked a desk in the office and send a meeting invitation accordingly. 

You don’t need to check the schedules of each of your colleagues to see when they are working in-person or online. With desk booking software like the deskbird app, you can see your whole team on one screen. Therefore, you minimize any risk of misunderstanding, miscommunication, or confusion

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Enhance collaboration and facilitate teamwork 

From online communication solutions to hybrid workspace software and virtual reality tools, technology plays a huge role in helping your staff connect and work together seamlessly. For example, digital platforms such as Slack or Google Meet have become the norm for many workers over the last couple of years. Soon, businesses will be able to hold meetings with both on-site and remote work employees in the same room using virtual reality. Again, desk booking software allows your team members to plan their hybrid schedules according to their colleagues’ timetables and work together in person. Technology is one of the best allies of modern workplaces. Without these tools, collaboration would be much more challenging.

Remove stress and improve productivity 

A tailored-made hybrid work toolkit is key to making your flexible office work. By providing your workforce with the right digital support systems, you enable your teams to enjoy the perks of work flexibility. For example, instant messaging allows them to interact with their colleagues efficiently. 

Additionally, they don’t stress about having no choice of workspace when arriving at the office as they can easily book their favorite spot ahead on their desk booking app. They can also organize their week better and improve their work-life balance. Available from anywhere, they can modify their schedule when an unexpected event happens. Do employees often contact you to get specific information or documents? Thanks to collaborative resources, such as Notion, they can find everything they need in one place without asking!

Woman on video call with colleagues.
Woman on video call with colleagues.

What are the must-haves for a hybrid work toolkit?

Desk booking software to make the most of your hybrid workspace

With desk booking software like deskbird, managing a hybrid workplace becomes a piece of cake. Our tool makes your workers’ lives easier and helps companies benefit from an optimized hybrid office. It includes several features that are essential for you and your team members:

  • The workspace booking system allows your staff to make sure they have the spot they need for the tasks they have to complete on their in-office days.
  • The interactive floor plan enables them to know where their colleagues are and book a desk next to them.
  • The hybrid office calculator supports you in optimizing your workspace and saving costs. 
  • Office analytics give you relevant information about how your office is used to maximize it and meet your employees’ expectations.
  • The car park booking feature removes the stress of not finding a parking spot in the morning.
  • Hybrid scheduling helps your staff plan their remote and in-office days and gives managers a clear overview of who is working when and where.

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Communication platforms to help on-site and remote employees work together

Communication is crucial in any type of working model, but it is even more important in a hybrid work environment. Letting your team work from anywhere shouldn’t negatively affect productivity. They should be able to interact seamlessly even if they are not in the same location. 

Moreover, a poor communication strategy can quickly lead to frustration, increase stress, and ultimately, impact employee satisfaction. The key is to discuss and define which communication channels are the best for you and your co-workers. 

For example, a multigenerational workforce is a huge plus, but it means that all your staff might not be used to the same means of communication. Therefore, knowing and taking your workers’ needs into consideration is fundamental.

Cybersecurity solutions to ensure all your corporate data is safe and secure

Letting your team members work hybrid can increase the risks of cyberattacks and data leaks. However, this security issue is not what is going to stop the change that is currently happening in the world of work. Offering flexible work arrangements no longer seems like an option if you want to have an engaged, happy, and productive workforce, which is important for success.

With remote work, employees connect from anywhere leaving the networks out of firm borders. If you wonder how many cyberattacks happen every day, Microsoft gives us a straightforward answer: “hackers are attacking an average of 579 times a second.” We let you do the math. This means training your staff about these risks and how to minimize them is vital, but most importantly, being equipped with the best security technology is a must.

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Project management tools to have access to all information in one place

Project management software is very useful for any type of working model, but even more so when you promote work flexibility. These collaborative tools are the perfect example of how technology can support humans in performing better and more efficiently. Among their perks, they particularly help:

  • enhance productivity;
  • define clear goals;
  • improve organization and prioritization;
  • minimize risks;
  • provide real-time project status;
  • facilitate teamwork;
  • gather all data, documents, and further content in a single place;
  • ease collaboration between on-site and remote workers. 

💡deskbird tip: make sure to choose hybrid workplace tools with integration options. So you don’t have to switch from one tool to another, and you can be more efficient. 

Using technology is crucial when implementing a flexible work model and new ways of working. However, it has to be done smartly with a strategy where your workers’ needs are center stage. Your hybrid working toolkit should reflect employee centricity, be tailored-made and match the trends of the future of work, as the deskbird software does. You don’t know about the deskbird app yet?

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Hybrid workplace technology: key info & tools

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