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Millennials values: what matters the most for Gen. Y? - deskbird


April 25, 2023


December 28, 2023

Are you wondering what you need to offer to retain and attract employees? Do you really know what Millennials, the current biggest active generation, value in the workplace? People born between 1981 and 1996 don’t have the same vision of work as Baby Boomers or Gen X. It also differs from what Gen Z, the youngest working demographic group, wants.

Millennials’ values are the result of traits and characters that are unique to them. For example, enjoying human interactions and constant learning are two core attributes for which Gen Y is well known. There is then no surprise that this generation values teamwork and all kinds of collaborative projects. We recently shared an article about Millennials’ characteristics. So now, let’s explore how they influence what matters the most for Gen Y.

Considering what Millennials care the most about is essential to attracting, retaining, and making this generation thrive. This article should help you understand what Gen Y values the most in the workplace! 

1. Millennials’ values include trust and freedom, which results in considering work flexibility as a norm

Millennials expect to be trusted and given freedom in their professional lives. The rise of flexible work has made their dreams come true. Some companies have asked their teams to return to the office fully. But this doesn’t seem like an option for the largest generation in the workplace. 

Gen Y expects businesses to allow flexibility at work, like hybrid work schedules, flexitime, or compressed workweeks.

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2. Generation Y is the most educated generation alive

One thing is certain.  This generation doesn’t rest on its laurels. Millennials are multitaskers, constant learners, and job hoppers. Just because they have finished the “classic” education path doesn’t mean they’ve stopped learning. Many of them continue to attend training and subscribe to online courses to develop their skill set. 

Knowing this, imagine how a Millennial feels when working in a company that doesn’t provide skills and career development opportunities. To foster employee happiness among Gen Y, boosting their curiosity and fulfilling their eagerness to learn is fundamental. This is one of the Millennials’ core values. Aligning with this aspect is one of the best ways to retain talent, keep them engaged and enhance workplace connection.

3. Collaborating with a wide range of different people is one of the aspects Millennials care the most about

Millennials like human interactions and meeting people. They enjoy working as a team as often as possible, connecting with colleagues, sharing experiences, and learning new skills with and from others. Compared to Gen Z workers, who are more individualist, this generation has a more collective approach to work. 

Workplace diversity is a very important matter for them too, and they expect to interact and learn from people from various communities and backgrounds. If you promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and create opportunities for teamwork, you are more likely to tick one of the key boxes that matter the most to Millennials.

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Millennials collaborating with diverse team

4. Millennials value and understand the benefits of technology in the workplace

Unlike Gen Z, Millennials aren’t digital natives. Yet, they have seen the evolution of the Internet and technology. One of the main characteristics of Millennials is that they easily adapt to change. Therefore, they welcome these digital innovations and make them part of their lives. They value what these tools offer and how they help us be more efficient and productive in our daily personal and professional lives.

At work, people belonging to this demographic group expect to be able to use and make the most of the modern workplace technology available. As we are about to discuss, Millennials value doing a purposeful job. They don’t want to lose time and energy on meaningless tasks and would rather let automated systems and AI technology do it for them 🤖. 

5. Gen Y wants to have an impact on the world 

Millennials’ values include having a positive impact on the world. This might be by making it a better place by fighting against social injustice, acting against global warming, or finding solutions to stop biodiversity loss. They not only aspire to reach this goal by simply changing how they live on a daily basis but also by choosing a job that aligns with their values and allows them to achieve their goals.

Consequently, their objective is to work for an organization that shares the same ideas and fosters initiatives to act toward them. The number of actions that can be taken is endless. For example, you can promote sustainability in the office, enhance DEI in the workplace, and support meaningful causes.

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6. Millennials value a workplace that cares about its employees’ health

Millennials are anxious and more exposed to workplace burnout than previous demographic groups. Therefore, taking better care of themselves, especially their mental health, ranks high on their goals list. A company that helps workers focus on their health and promotes well-being initiatives has a real advantage in the labor market. 

Let’s say you want to attract and hire new talent. If Gen Y applicants can improve their physical and mental health thanks to a positive corporate culture and employee benefits, they will definitely opt for the organization that gives them that opportunity.

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Millennials value wellbeing

7. Earning a fair salary matters, but doing a meaningful job matters even more

Although money might not be the most important aspect for Millennials, they still need to pay their bills. Like any other generation, Gen Y expects to be financially rewarded according to their levels of experience, skills, and the input they bring to the company. They do, however, care more about having a good work-life balance than a high paycheck. Yet, they aspire to be paid a fair salary. As mentioned, social justice, equity, and fairness are crucial matters for this generation. Providing them with good remuneration is how you can show that they are valuable to you, and so is their work. 

🐶 Interesting fact: according to the Accel and Qualtrics study about Millennials, Millennials often value having a pet more than children. So, is your workplace pet friendly? It might be a new way to boost employee happiness in the workplace!

Does Gen Y represent the majority of your workforce, like most other businesses worldwide? Then, knowing Millennials’ values and meeting their expectations is crucial for retaining these job hoppers. We provide the best desk booking software to help you fulfill their need for flexible work arrangements. Request a free demo of the deskbird app to manage your hybrid workplace efficiently and enable your workforce to take control of their working schedule!

Millennials values: what matters the most for Gen. Y? - deskbird

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