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12 outdoor team-building activities your employees will love


March 14, 2023


June 16, 2023

40% of the workforce misses in-person social interactions with their colleagues1. While flexible work is essential to answer employees’ expectations, workplace connection is also crucial. Outdoor team-building activities are a fun and efficient solution to enhance this aspect! Are your company’s finances a bit tight this year? Is spending money on team-building games and activities not a wise choice? First, investing in your staff is always a smart decision. Second, outdoor team-building ideas don’t necessarily require a company retreat in Greece. 

Spending time together off-site lets your team get to know each other in a different setup. There are many options to create a sense of connection and belonging among your workforce that don’t suggest spending your budget for the year. This article will give you a few examples of cost-friendly team-building activities outside of the office.

According to the size of your organization, your budget may vary from low to medium or high. But this shouldn’t refrain you from enhancing an atmosphere that makes your staff thrive together. Here are multiple corporate team-building ideas costing nothing to… you set the limit!

Examples of outdoor team-building activities for low budgets

1. Hiking in nature

If there are some hiking spots around your office area, this is a fantastic outdoor team-building activity to do with your coworkers. Not only it is a perfect exercise to experience the feeling of accomplishing something together, but being in nature is also great for the mental health of your workers. To reduce your carbon impact and your costs simultaneously, you can ask your employees to do carpooling to drive to the meeting point. Another option is to go there by bus so you can already connect and interact during the drive.

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2 people hiking in the mountains

2. Corporate picnic in a park, at the beach, or wherever you can go outside the office

Who doesn’t like picnics? Gathering your workers and spending a qualitative moment together is a chill and fun activity. You can ask each of them to bring their lunch box or suggest everyone bring one of their favorite dishes to share with their teammates. The second option allows them to get to know each other better and encourages them to celebrate workplace diversity by discovering food from different cultures. You can then offer to play some team icebreaker activities like 10 Things in Common, Who Am I?, or a Potato Sacks Race.

3. Volunteering at an association in the office area

Finding purpose in their professional lives matters more and more to employees. So why not enable them to build genuine relationships and do a meaningful activity at the same time? For example, you can check around your company’s headquarters to see if any local association needs help. You can then offer your team to volunteer to support them in whatever they need, whether improving their communication strategy or giving a hand in their operations. Your workers will have some time to get to know each better and act together toward a common purpose. 

4. Cleanup challenge

Sustainable initiatives are also very appreciated by an increasing number of employees that want to be part of a company that acts for the planet and not against it. Here again, you can combine two objectives at the same time: be more sustainable and create connections among your workforce. Why not organize a cleaning challenge around your office? Your team members must collect as much plastic waste as possible for two hours. You can form pairs, and the duo that picks up the heaviest amount of plastic waste wins. We will let you decide on the prize! 🏆 

a group of coworkers cleaning in nature

5. Scavenger Hunt in the city where your company is located

Another low-budget outdoor team-building activity idea is organizing a scavenger hunt in the city. 

The scavenger hunt will challenge your team's problem-solving skills and encourage teamwork as you solve clues and complete tasks. This fun and interactive activity will take you through the city, exploring its landmarks and hidden gems. You will have a great time and strengthen your relationships with your colleagues, develop your communication skills, and improve your ability to work together as a team.

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Team-building activities outside of the office with a medium budget

6. Team sports

Ideally, you could do this regularly but it requires a specific budget. If you can’t but are still looking for a group activity outside, sports like beach volley or basketball enhance team building. Organizing team-building days once a month or every quarter shouldn’t cost you too much. This type of sport encourages various behaviors needed when working as a team. For example, beach volleyball or basketball enhances teamwork, cohesion, respect, communication, and social skills.

7. Camping

Going camping near your office is also a great idea to help your employees bond. You can plan to sleep somewhere for a night or two and schedule your day with team-building activities like the ones mentioned above (cleaning up a local area, arranging a Scavenger Hunt, doing a team sport, etc.). Outside of these various activities, workers also have the opportunity to learn more about each other by simply having some time to do so while sharing a meal or strolling together.

Why not organize a barbecue night? Everybody will love it!

a group of people sitting around the fire, camping in the night.

8. Outdoor team-bonding sports activities

Do your colleagues have an adventurous spirit? Do they often have to work under pressure? Other great outdoor ideas for teams include affordable options such as paintball, treetop adventures, or white-water rafting. These activities are perfect for having fun with your coworkers while boosting team building. It implies overpassing challenges (stress, fear of heights, handling external conditions…), supporting each other, and working together toward a common goal. One sure thing is that your team won’t be bored on your next team-building day!

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Outdoor events for team bonding with a nice budget

For these off-site corporate activities, your budget needs to be a bit higher. The costs for these outdoor team-building events include paying for transport, accommodations, food and drinks, activities fees, etc.

9. Team weekend city trips

Do you remember your first school trip? The unique experience of discovering a new place with classmates, spending all day together, having fun, and creating genuine friendships. Why not do the same with your teammates? You don’t need to travel to the other side of the planet. Avoiding taking the plane would be better if you aim to reduce your carbon impact. But it has to be a destination that triggers excitement. Some companies specializing in team building offer this type of city trip, like Surf Office. They organize retreats worldwide to help businesses develop strong connections among their teams!

10. Corporate retreats in nature 

Nature is the perfect environment to switch off and focus on things like getting to know your coworkers better. It is the best playground to have fun as there are many activities, such as hiking, biking, team-building games around a campfire, etc. You can either rent a place surrounded by nature, contact a company specialized in this type of corporate events or opt for glamping! We mentioned camping in the affordable activities ideas to do with your team, why not experience the upgraded version of it if your budget allows it? No matter where you sleep, spending time together in nature can only benefit your employees individually and as a team.

🎲 Are you searching for some group activities to do inside? Have a look at our list of fun indoor team-building activities!

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11. Rock climbing

Do your workers rely on each other? Do you easily delegate tasks to your team members without micromanaging? Building trust is key to fostering collaboration and thriving together. What’s best to boost this aspect than rock climbing? Some people will be comfortable and inspire others. For some, it might be a bit more challenging, and the support of their colleagues will be essential to help them reach their goal, as it can happen in the office. You can motivate your staff to participate in this activity by organizing it with a certified rock climbing professional!

12. Team boat, pool, or rooftop party

Who doesn’t like a boat, pool, or rooftop party? If you can afford it occasionally, it is a team event that your employees will surely enjoy! Where you host your party is important as it enables your staff to be in a different context and mood than the one in the office. During the whole event, plan some games and activities to encourage your workers to get to know each other better. You can also make it even more entertaining by choosing a theme!

💡Good to know: It is also a great way to show your workforce recognition and appreciation, which is crucial for job satisfaction!

So, who said focusing on boosting team building depends on your budget? All these outdoor team-building activities prove that you can foster connection and a sense of belonging at every stage of your development. Employee experience doesn’t rely on how much you make as a company, it depends on how much effort you put into it. Talking about being employee-centric, how do you support your staff in making the most of hybrid space management and scheduling?

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12 outdoor team-building activities your employees will love

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